Jamie’s Birthday Wish For a Pie In The Face

Jamie’s Birthday Wish For A Pie In The Face

Wed 25 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

It’s Jamie’s Birthday on Friday so the Food Revolution teamed up with the amazing guys at Causes.com to grant him a birthday wish:

“To raise $25,000 to Spark a Food Revolution and Train 1,000 Food Revolutionaries”

Just $10 can help to ensure that cooking skills are not lost and help fight the battle against obesity and diet-related diseases, the biggest killer in America today. The Birthday Wish will really kick off once we’ve raised $10,000 as the Causes.com team will sing Happy Birthday to Jamie and one of them will get a pie in the face. Jamie loves this idea so much that if we really dig deep and get behind the wish Jamie will get a pie in the face at the end of the wish!

Join us in wishing Jamie a very Happy Birthday by:

Giving a Donation
Giving a Minute of your Time
Sharing the Wish with your Friends

You could also cook up a batch of delicious oatmeal raisin cookies and have a bake sale then donate the proceeds to the Food Revolution here!

The Food Revolution Team


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