Jamie’s Food Revolution Heroes & Professionals 2011

Jamie’s Food Revolution Heroes & Professionals 2011

Mon 26 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Throughout the year we have seen and heard of amazing things that people are doing both in and out of schools in order to create a local movement and further the Food Revolution. Some individuals, our Food Revolution Heroes and Professionals, are doing such fantastic things across the country and have really stood out to us for their actions!

Food Revolution Heroes

This year, we have added 15 Food Revolution Heroes to our website, these are the people in communities all across America who are bringing the Food Revolution to life and helping us all to eat more fresh and healthy food.

Whether advocating for better school food, helping to create school and community gardens, reaching out to the community to share their knowledge and advice, or blogging about their own amazing journeys from processed to fresh and boxed to from-scratch, our Food Revolution Heroes have all done amazing things to help educate others and improve the food eaten at home, at school and within their communities.

Food Revolution Professionals

In addition to our amazing Heroes, in 2011 we have also highlighted 14 Food Revolution Professionals – chefs, school nutrition directors, food service providers, restaurant owners and other food professionals who are breaking the mould and showing us the way to better food for kids.

By carrying out amazing activities in schools including eliminating flavored milks and processed foods, introducing salad bars and fresh local, organic produce and cooking school meals from scratch, these
professionals are providing model programs for how to cook healthy food from good ingredients that kids and adults will love to eat.

Be Inspired!

You can use these stories and programs of change to get inspiration, ideas and to create change in your own schools and communities. If your focus is on improving the food served in your local schools then you can use this information as evidence that this change has been made and can be made and that it doesn’t have to cost more or impact participation rates!

During 2011 we also added the option for you to nominate members of your community as a Food Revolution hero or professional. Thank you so much to everyone for their who has submitted a nomination so far, we are currently reviewing all of amazing nominees and will be adding some as Food Revolution Heroes and Professionals in the New Year!

If you know of someone who you think should be nominated, then you can do so here, just click on the ‘nominate’ button and let us know who you are nominating and why!

Stay tuned for more information on how you can bring the Food Revolution into your home, schooland local community in 2012.

Big thanks to all our heroes and professionals for their amazing work!

The Food Revolution Team


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