jamie’s food revolution well received in the USA

Jamie’s Food Revolution Well Received In The USA

Thu 08 Apr 2010

Story by Danny McCubbin

Jamie’s Food Revolution has had a fantastic reception in the USA. Read some of the comments in the press here:

Rick Kissell in Variety
“Friday’s premiere of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” produced what's believed to be the top demo rating for any entertainment series on Friday this season, logging the net’s best score in the time period in more than three years.”

Mary MacNamara in The Los Angeles Times
“…Oliver is eminently and instantly likable.” Mary MacNamara, Los Angeles Times, March 20, 2010
“He may in fact wind up being reality TV's most engaging star, equally comfortable talking to people and the camera, capable of evoking and handling an emotional moment with a winning combination of self-confidence and humility.”

Josef Adalian in The Wrap
“Jamie Oliver sparked something of a ratings "Revolution"…” and “The strong performance for "Revolution" wasn't a surprise to anyone…” and “…Mission: Accomplished.”

Ken Tucker in Entertainment Weekly
“'Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution proved to be more interesting than its tidy premise… this is one of the better, more real-seeming reality shows in a while.”

Annie Barrett in Entertainment Weekly
“The Food Revolution is definitely a war worth fighting…”

On Oprah.com
“British super chef Jamie Oliver is a man on a mission to revolutionize the way families eat, one country at a time.”

James Dinan on CNN.com
“Over the last few weeks, we have seen signs that a revival could happen - provided the networks show commitment to the night. Leading the revival is "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on ABC.”

Linda Stasi in the New York Post
“Oliver is a great TV personality -- and if he accomplishes what he's set out to do - also a great revolutionary in the war against fat.” http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/food_for_thought_TDqTDeBGPZTLKDb0e9ib1M

Debra Eschmeyer on the Huffington Post
“Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is cooking up more than homemade meals from fresh ingredients. The show has already stirred up deeply seeded emotions about school food feeding systems...all before the first episode airs tonight!”

Marion Nestle on the Huffington Post
“Don’t miss it. Get your kids to watch it with you.”

Rachel Ray in The Daily Telegraph
“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, ABC’s new reality show, has an educational agenda. But its British star isn’t a Professor Higgins who’s come to ridicule the way the locals speak in West Virginia, locale of the show’s premiere. Not at all. Jamie Oliver, English chef, cooking show star, and cookbook author, projects nothing if not sincerity in his mission to help American children want to eat healthy food to stave off an increasing epidemic of obesity and diabetes.”

Todd VanDerWerff on AVClub.com
“The fact that Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution captures that struggle so accurately is what makes it one of the best reality shows to come along in years.” and “Food Revolution works because it blends that heartwarming approach with something very like the documentary miniseries that Sundance airs every so often… If nothing else, I like that Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution takes a complex issue - the myriad of reasons that people in the U.S. (and, Oliver frequently points out, the U.K.) are fat and getting fatter - and breaks it down into the easily digestible grammar of reality television.” And “Very few reality TV shows are about attempting to build a better world, a more sustainable community. This one is, and it's one of the best I've seen.”

Erica Jacobs in the Washington Examiner
“Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver are on parallel tracks with one goal: improve the eating habits of American schoolchildren.”

Roger Catlin in the Hartford Courant
“…while the show has some of the feel-good elements of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” it's a compelling metaphor for the challenges of changing institutional thinking in any field. To say there is resistance to Oliver's meddling is an understatement. But it's an important, hands-on approach that will challenge people at home, too…”

Victoria A. Brownworth in Bay Area Reporter
“Oliver is delightful, and everything he cooks can be done in 20 minutes. If anyone can get America off the unhealthy fat track, it's Oliver.” Bay Area Reporter, March 2010

About the author:
Danny McCubbin is the website editor for JamieOliver.com

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