Kids Throw A Party For Bay Area Schools

Kids Throw A Party For Bay Area Schools

Thu 24 May 2012

Story by Karen Rogers

We’re Sprouts Cooking Club -- a nonprofit in Berkeley, California, set out to change the way kids do food. We teach children from all socio-economic backgrounds how to cook with real ingredients, right alongside real chefs, and right inside real restaurants. Our Sprouts classes are best defined by a whirling, twirling swirl of senses: the vibrant colors of rainbow chard, the smooth texture of fresh mozzarella, the crack of farm-fresh eggs, the citrus scent of zested lemon, the bursting flavor a cherry tomato.

Taste, Touch, And Feel The Culinary Revolution

But while it's easy to get caught up in the whirl of our culinary passion, we also want to make to make sure everyone gets a chance to taste, touch, and feel our culinary revolution! Just last week, Sprouts' kids decided to sweep the East Bay community up in a swirling, twirling party of delicious food and live Jazz. The kids donated the proceeds from their party to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Sprouts' scholarship fund, and local schools' cooking and gardening programs.

To prepare for the event, Chef Amy Murray and our Sprouts' aspiring chefs spent three days creating a swirl of flavors: fresh ricotta with asparagus, poached halibut with grilled onions, and local meatballs atop a creamy puree of seasonal leeks were just some of the featured dishes.

By the end of the evening, over 225 community members enjoyed the dishes that the kids proudly served at the event and danced to the live Jazz that the kids played alongside local professionals.

We're proud to announce that our culinary soiree raised over $5000! Sprouts kids certainly know how to lead their own culinary revolution!

Sprouts would like to give a special thanks to Chef Amy Murray, Revival Bar + Kitchen, and the generous donors who supplied ALL of the ingredients for the night: Acme Bread, Full Belly Farms, Happy Boy Farms, Blossom Bluff Orchards, BiRite Market, Whole Foods, Straus Creamery, 2xSea, The Local Butcher, Magnani’s Poultry, Bison Organic Brewery, St. George Spirits, and One Ninety Seven.

About the author: Karen Rogers is the founder of Sprouts Cooking Club – an official 501c3 non-profit organization which has been teaching kids to cook, hands-on with real chefs, using real ingredients, since 2006. Find out more about Sprouts here.


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