LAUSD Votes Flavored Milk Out Of Schools

LAUSD Votes Flavored Milk Out Of Schools

Wed 15 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Milk Day of Action Showed Parents Across the U.S. Want Plain Milk For Their Kids.

The Food Revolution is celebrating victory this week in our campaign for better school food. As confirmed by a Los Angeles school Board vote on Tuesday, effective July 1 the 680,000 students of LAUSD won’t be getting “liquid candy” every day; instead they’ll receive wholesome, plain white milk with their meals.

This follows on the heels of the June 9th Flavored Milk Day of Action, our campaign’s first-ever coordinated local action event, run by grassroots leaders across the country. Inspiring results have been streaming in from around the country. See images from the Day of Action here.

Dr. Deasy’s recommendation to the Board about the removal of flavored milk in LA was a commitment made to Jamie Oliver on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The LAUSD is the second largest school district in the nation, and joins hundreds of schools that have already made the change or are moving away from flavored milk. See a map here.

LA is part of a bigger wave of Food Revolutionaries working with their schools to give kids fresh, wholesome food across the US. Over 330 of us mobilized around the Milk Day of Action, getting informed, holding pure milk challenges, sending home flyers, talking with principals, and educating students. We reached thousands with the message that healthy choices can start with plain milk.

In the run up to June 9th, parents and students held preliminary meetings, made plans and reached out to dialogue with school officials. Local leaders were equipped with a 12-page planning "Playbook," detailed milk fact sheets, templates of letters to school officials, sample flyers, a Sweetened Milk Calculator, and most importantly, ways to connect with each other. Most of this was done through a special Facebook Group for the Day of Action.

June 9th brought all kinds of activities and stories.

See images from the Day of Action here.

Some parents generated amazing, new change. In Palos Verdes Unified School District in Southern California a small group of organized parents convinced their District Food Services Director to eliminate all sugary milk from elementary school meals (except on Fridays when chocolate milk will be offered as a treat) for a four-month trial. If all goes well, the flavored milk will be removed permanently.

Others enlisted the entire school community in a celebration of good health. In Watertown, MA, a parent team worked with school administration and distributed white “MOO” wristbands to elementary students. They started a moo-in, where the entire cafeteria started mooing on cue. Kids from two classes and the afterschool program decorated the cafeteria with pro-pure-milk artwork. The team arranged for white milk to be free courtesy of local pediatricians, and 95% of the kids chose white milk. One of the leaders told us, “It was a very positive first step! I'm hoping the momentum will keep gaining strength for our kids.”

For more stories from the Milk Day of Action read more here.

Many of our amazing photos come from Watertown. See them here.

We know that flavored milk is just the first step. As Jamie said this week:

“With flavored milk, kids are getting loads of sugar and other food additives they simply don’t need to grow and learn. In the Food Revolution the little battles set us up for the next win. All these little battles count; they matter. It’s not just milk. It’s caring about what we feed kids 180 days a year.”

Ready to take action in your community?

Follow the lead of the parent Health and Wellness Committee in Las Virgenes Unified School District in Southern California. They have used this time to begin planning a fun-filled and informative "Milk Madness Week" for the Fall that will engage students, parents, and administrators for a full school week, using competitions, assemblies, and teachable moments like meeting a cow or wearing milk mustaches.

Food Revolutionaries are leading a trend in America toward healthy, wholesome food for kids. The action on milk has begun.

To learn more and help return plain, white milk to your school, join the Flavored Milk Day of Action Facebook Group.

The Food Revolution Team


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