Learning Together, Cooking Together

Learning Together, Cooking Together

Fri 02 May 2014

Story by Tarandeep Shoker and Shivani Khosla

Throughout the Big Rig tour, over 1,000 students have joined us on the Big Rig and learned their way around the kitchen. In Merced, we had the largest group of students join us on the Big Rig and we’d like to celebrate their experiences with healthy recipes. Two students from Livingston High School in Merced County were so excited about their time on the Big Rig that they wanted to share their stories with all of us.

First, we hear from student Tarandeep Shoker, a student who enjoyed the tasty teamwork on the Big Rig.

"I'm the kind of person who loves trying new things and The Big Rig was the perfect experience. I had a great time cooking before my class and learning that some of my classmates are chefs. The experience brought all of us together as a team and the recipe made our taste buds jump in delight. We worked in teams to cook the "Sizzling Beef" which was very fun to make. The meal was healthy and taught us that everything is better with veggies! The Big Rig was very clean and the chefs were nice, and were right on spot to help. I'd definitely go back and re-live the experience. I also learned techniques on how to stay safe while using a knife, things that will come in handy because I love to cook! I'm so glad that Jamie Oliver made The Big Rig because once you have the experience you realize how much better it is to cook healthy meals. After the session was over we wanted to stay a little longer so we could learn other recipes, but we couldn't. I can’t wait to make the meal at home and share it with my family!"

Tarandeep’s classmate, Shivani Khosla, also enjoyed learning to prepare a quick and healthy meal with classmates.

"I really enjoyed my visit to the Big Rig - the inside of the truck was not what I was expecting at all, but incredibly had many kitchen stations inside. Even though we were in a truck, there was enough room to move around and cook easily. The atmosphere was great! The staff was very nice and helpful. We first learned how to cook the meal which was Beef Stir-fry through a quick and informative demonstration, and then we separated into groups of three or four to cook our version. We used fresh, raw ingredients including beef, snow peas, baby corn, bell peppers and other vegetables to prepare our mouth watering dish. This experience also taught us teamwork in the kitchen. There was a recipe to follow, and we all split the work among our groups. This reminded me of Potions Class in the Harry Potter novels - I had always wanted to do something similar to that and now I have."

"The dish was quick to prepare and cook, and within fifteen-twenty minutes we were serving ourselves what we had just cooked. The meal was healthy and very delicious. Another great thing about this visit was that we also learned some fundamental basics of cooking. I learned how to properly hold a knife when cutting produce. We were also taught about some safety measures, and how to execute them in the kitchen. After this experience, I am inspired to cook healthy meals each day, and I'm sure that so are others. I learned that cooking a healthy meal that is quick, easy, and delicious is very possible. This experience taught me a great number of things on how to cook and about cooking. From the learning to the cooking to the eating, everything about this visit was fun - I highly suggest you give it a try!"

It’s no secret that food brings people together, just as Tarandeep and Shivani expressed to us. It’s even better when we can join ourselves around healthy food that is quick to make and gives us the time to enjoy the company of our family and friends.


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