Life Happens Around the Dinner Table

Life Happens Around The Dinner Table

Fri 30 Nov 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Cooking with Global Chefs on this Month’s Google+ Hangout

Yesterday we conducted November’s Food Revolution Community Hangout and focused entirely on chefs around their world giving their tips and tricks for holiday cooking.

We had such a blast during the hangout and want to share our amazing team of chefs and our favorite moments with you. To get in the holiday spirit, a snowman even makes an appearance in the hangout. Keep an eye out!

Cooking is a Life Skill that Brings Everyone Together

Here are some of our favorite moments during the holiday hangout. If you want to share your favorite moment, let us know here!

- I have not been to cooking school, my school was in the kitchen with my grandmother, my aunt, my mother in the village, where I spent all my holidays and summers.’ @cookwitheleni

- "Include kids in the cooking process and they are more likely to eat it.” @valentine_shane

- "I'm cooking a roast in a barbecue!" @naturaliamariae

- ‘Cooking is part of our heritage, its part of who we are in Greece.’ @cookwitheleni

- We are the only university in Canada who are making all the food from scratch. We are trying to keep cooking alive.’@foodrevmanitoba

- How can u be as prepared as possible for holiday cooking? "Prep as much as you can ahead of time" @foodrevmanitoba

- "Cooking is a life skill that brings everyone together"@myvirginkitchen

- Olive oil is liquid gold! @cookwitheleni

- Favorite holiday tradition "Bringing the family together"@cookwitheleni

- "Life happens around the dinner table" @valentine_shane

Do you have any holiday cooking tips that you want to share? Feel free to tweet us, post on Facebook or Google+.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador in your city, please apply here! You can see a complete list of Ambassadors and where they are located here.

A big thank you to our stellar team of global chefs:

Shane Valentine, San Rafael, California – Food Revolution Ambassador, author and activist (you may recognize him from our Food Revolution Day 2012 Google+ Hangout with Jamie Oliver)

Barry Lewis, Weston Super Mare, UK - home taught chef and creator of My Virgin Kitchen.

Ben Kramer, Winnepeg, Canada - Executive Chef of the Diversity Food Services & Elements at the University of Winnipeg and a Food Revolution Ambassador.

Eleni Melirrytou, Athens, Greece - Food Revolution Ambassador and cooking teacher

María Elena Ledesma, Catamarca, Argentina – Executive Chef of Naturalia and is a Food Revolution Ambassador.

Amy Kehs – Crofton, Maryland – Food Revolution Ambassador and blogged about cooking through Jamie’s Food Revolution cook book in 365 days.

The Food Revolution Team


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