Manifesto for Pupils' Snack in Romania

Manifesto For Pupils' Snack In Romania

Tue 05 Nov 2013

Story by Raluca Vasile

Most of the state schools in Romania don't have a cafeteria inside the school or allow catering services and have interdictions for other food actions, due to a national program introduced several years ago.

Also, studies show that 1/4 of the Romanian pupils started to become obese from young age while another 1/4 are overweight.
This wasn’t so fifteen to twenty years ago, as we are an agricultural country and food in Romania is generally quite healthy, and we are used to cooking from scratch. Also, the modern speed of life has led to a lazier and more convenient behavior in many mothers, as they prefer to give kids pocket money to make food decisions on their own from early ages and many of them choose global fast-food chain restaurants, which are very popular in Romania, and also not cheap compared to prices in other countries. In Romania with 3-4 euro one can eat a traditional healthy meal, as well as a lunch at McDonalds, for example.

That is why I decided to build a program called "Pupils’ Snack". It's a two-hour-long workshop where we cook easy and healthy sandwiches from scratch and build figurines of vegetables and fruit in a creative way as to bring pupils closer to healthy eating. Pupils got very engaged into this program, as well as the parents that were present at the workshop in many of the cases, as you may see in the pictures.

Many parents understand that it is important to feed their children vegetables and fruit from an early age, but they refuse to take these as snacks to school because food from home is not considered “fancy”. In the school break, they are meeting other children eating fast food which is considered "fancy" in Romania. That is why we think it is important to bring back fruits, vegetables and healthy food into schools and pupils’ communities through Pupils’ Snack.

We started this program in private schools and pupils’ party clubs. As of now, we are not allowed to enter into state schools, because most don't have an appropriate place to cook, or even a cafeteria. We are very optimistic that local authorities will support us in creating a national food education program in state schools and allow us to educate children on how to eat the right and healthy way, the same way Jamie succeeded in the UK, USA and Australia. But we still have a long way to go, and we are counting on the Food Revolution’s support in order to have cafeterias and nutrition-based curricula in our schools and fresh meals for our pupils.

About the Author: I am a certified nutritionist, vegan chef and brand consultant (by vocation); a visionary speaker, teaching lecturer, food blogger, and Food Revolution ambassador by mission. I’m passionate about healthy cooking and people, and I believe I attract good energy around me. I love being around children and people in general and do some good to change their lives for the better. I am a dreamer at soul and fulfilling my dreams on this earth, always "in" for a good cause.


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