Meal Planning With The Kids!

Meal Planning With The Kids!

Thu 01 Sep 2011

Story by Brenda Thompson (@MealPlanMom)

This week’s Tuesday Twitter Party was hopping as Food Revolutionaries from all over came together to talk about meal planning with kids. I was honored to be asked to guest host and thank the participants for their lively additions to the conversation.

Twitter Party: August 30, 2011 @ 7 pm PDT/ 10 pm EDT

Meal Planning With Kids

Meal planning with your kids is a great way to get input on the foods you prepare and serve your family. It also provides an opportunity to talk about the choices of where your food comes from and allows you to spend fun, quality time together too!

Party Questions and Some of the Best Tweets:

Q1. How do you involve your children in planning what to eat?

We have a weekly menu, kids choose what to eat (and make) and I leave one day open for kids choice/surprise!

@scatteredmom Why not assign them a night of the week to cook? They cook for everyone & you help supervise/teach.

What are the ways you make mealtime simpler (streamlining prep, shopping from a list at the store, etc.)?

@NutritionWise Plan meals 4 the week on Sunday, make a grocery list from recipes and shop from the list. Saves time & money!

@scatteredmom I have a meal plan Mon-Thurs, shop once a week, do prep ahead. Or cook on weekends &freeze ahead too (soup/chili/etc)

Q3. When you read a food label, what do you look for and how does that affect your purchase decision?

@TheOrganicTrail I look at # of ingredients, chemicals/additives. I ask is this really convenient or can I make it myself?

@Johane_Levesque Can I pronounce ingredients? How many ingredients are listed? How much filler? That's what I look for on list.

How involved are your children in preparing what your family eats? How much difference do you think it makes?

@KConfectionista My 3 YO prepares every meal with me, cooking, baking since 18 mos. She has great food knowledge, skill, habits

@MealPlanMom My kids like to play restaurant. Dad helps cook and they have menus, order pads, etc. Fun!

@TheOrganicTrail My six-year-old likes to cut veggies with her special knife. She does tend to try more when she has helped.

Q5. How does your family come up with and keep track of new ideas for healthy and delicious meals?

@Johane_Levesque We try to incorporate foods from different cultures as we encounter them.

@OutoftheBoxFood I write down successful recipes & keep them in recipe book on my counter. And keep magazine pages or printouts in folder.

Q6. How do you make meal planning and preparation FUN?

@scatteredmom Lots of variety. My teen chooses a meal, Hubs chooses a meal. Keep it simple on busy weeks.

@TheOrganicTrail A little music helps dinner prep stay fun!

Thanks everyone for coming!

If you’re planning your meals for the week ahead, why not join the Food Revolution cook-off!

This week the team is turning it around and asking YOU, the Food Revolution community, to submit your own recipes and photos. So, whatever you are planning to eat this Labor Day, why not let us all know by posting your recipes and photos on the Facebook Food Revolution Community wall. The Food Revolution team will also be adding theirs on Labor Day and it might even be one of your recipes! You can get more information and ideas here.

About the Author & Host: A mom, foodie and self-taught meal planner, Brenda shares ideas through her blog, Meal Planning Magic, and local workshops on how to get organized in the kitchen, save money, eat healthier, consciously and family-friendly all while having a little fun along the way.

Join next week’s Twitter party on Tuesday September 6th at 4pm EDT / 7pm EDT guest hosted by @TheOrganicTrail.

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