MealKu Raise $1,100 For The Food Revolution!

MealKu Raise $1,100 For The Food Revolution!

Thu 06 Sep 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Online platform and home cooks cooperative MealKu hosts a Nutriarts Collective Event & Silent Auction to benefit the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

On Saturday, August 11th, MealKu HomeCooks and visual artists joined together to host an event based around food and art - merging inputs and imaginations of cooks and artists - with proceeds supporting better food education through the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Food Revolution.

The Nutriarts is an art collective and exhibition of the merged inputs and imaginations of Mealku HomeCooks and visual artists. These pairings are initiated around a food interest or favorite dish and flavors, textures, colors and history of the dish are then presented in an agreed visual art form that in turn inspires the creation of new formulations of the actual dish.

An Exercise In Food Consciousness

At the Nutriarts Collective event on August 11th around 300 people attended to view and enjoy art ranging from milk and cookies in lightbulb form to a sniff board of spices that was presented like a watercolor image. One piece even required that you step into a perspex chamber with only a small screen (with silent movie image) and a chair - as part of the experience you sat upright on the chair, eating noodles while watching a film. There was also a live art form who moved in and out of peoples conversations, remaining mute, with food that looked like him - the idea was to bring consciousness back to consumption, inspired by home cook Alan Sporing and his merging of Italian and Thai country food.

Another of the popular exhibitions was a garden scene and chocolate dog and child. This was being produced as the exhibition ran - the form and expression on the boy's face emerging as people talked and walked round it. People sat on the benches around this for hours talking and interacting with the artist, Paul Joachim. Many of these dishes were then included in a silent auction at the end of the evening raising an amazing $1,100 for the Food Revolution!

With an approach to explore many links with food and art, the subtext of many of the conversations throughout the evening was the sheer insanity of our current food system and the need for us to step back and be more food conscious.

Find out more about MealKu and their mission is to provide a place for everyone to find delicious, healthy meal options with easy access to locally-prepared food from trusted neighborhood home cooks here.

The Food Revolution Team


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