Milk Week of Action Kicks Into High Gear

Milk Week Of Action Kicks Into High Gear

Thu 03 Nov 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Flavored Milk Week of Action is kicking into high gear for next week, November 7-11. From taking the "pure milk challenge" for a week to letter writing, petition signing and school assemblies, hundreds of Food Revolutionaries are capitalizing on this moment. Participation simply means using next week to do activities - from simple actions to week-long events - that call for the phasing out of flavored, sweetened milk this school year.

Here is one description of how a mom in San Dimas, CA began to activate people

"We are just starting out so I am having my first meeting today at a local park where I will introduce myself and ask for volunteers for a petition to be signed by parents and students alike to have just plain milk served at all schools in the school district."

And at Battlefield High School in Haymarket, VA, the 'PhD Club' is:

"Placing posters around the school and getting their fellow students to sign their names to show their commitment" to bringing back pure milk.

Are you a school staff or food services director? A charter school fitness coordinator in Palm Springs, CA has reported:

"I gave out stickers and stamps to those kids who chose white milk for lunch. I then brought in the classes one by one and taught them the difference between white milk and chocolate milk. We weighed out the sugar, etc... I gave out surveys to the kids asking them, 'If we only had white milk here at school, would you drink it?' 85% of the students replied with yes." So they are now testing the switchover.

We know that in many cases just initiating the conversation works wonders. In a school district not far from Los Angeles, a science teacher was inspired after watching the school bus stunt from Season 2 of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. She shared the information from the show with her school principal and cafeteria director, and "the flavored milk was pulled as soon as they sold the remaining stock on hand."

Want Milk Facts of Your Own?

The Food Revolution Team launched an exclusive Milk HQ web page that has enough resources to change the milk policy in more than a few schools, including:

Facts on milk and Pure milk marketing materials
A Sugary Milk Calculator that measures how much extra sugar a school consumes in one year
Internal memos and examples of how other school nutrition directors and superintendents eliminated sugary milk in their schools, and finally,
Tools for action such as flyers, posters, sample petitions, and detailed planning guides.

Check all of this out here!

We encourage all Food Revolutionaries to join this historic movement. Recruit your school to do one thing and start the conversation about eliminating flavored sugary milk this school year. It's happening across the country!

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The Food Revolution Team


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