Mobilizing Our Food Revolution Community Groups

Mobilizing Our Food Revolution Community Groups

Thu 18 Aug 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

We are so proud of our 590 Food Revolution Facebook Community Groups across America. Their voice is growing as they begin to leverage the platform and the Food Revolution network to make real change in their community. We salute you!

As we head into the fall and back-to-school season we are here to help and support our groups to grow their supporters and accelerate the change process. All of our groups have different focuses, whether it’s tackling school food & flavored milk like Santa Monica & Malibu Schools, or hosting community cooking demos & sharing ideas & resources like Arizona Kids. For other ideas and inspiration, check out our history of Groups of the Week (search here for ‘group of the week’).

We are looking to our groups to keep leading the way forward with what’s possible; here are a few ideas for our Facebook Group leaders and their group members:

• Establish the Food Revolution in your community
Now that you’ve shown your leadership, it’s not the time to be shy. Get together in person with other Revolutionaries & start to think of yourself as a mobilized group. Connect with other organizations in your community – the farmers market, a health & obesity organization, a chef’s network – see how you might partner to make great things happen. Design some flyers, or start a local email list.

• Take on Flavored Milk
As you know, we had a big milk win in Los Angeles this spring, with flavored milk being removed starting this Fall. Meanwhile, our first Milk Day of Action in June yielded some amazing changes. In recent weeks, Fresno CA, Colorado Springs CO and the entire state of Massachusetts have made progress on milk. If you haven’t yet gotten your community talking to the school district about milk, now’s the time to start. Check out our Facebook group for Milk and stay tuned for guidance for the fall.

• Dig into the school food situation
School food is different in every community. If you haven’t, it’s time to really figure out what’s being served. Use our School Food Audit to get started. Have a friendly meeting with Nutrition staff or the Principal. Poke around. Learn what’s really going on. And then work with your Group to define some things you’d like to see change.

• Celebrate food
Our Food Revolution is always about fresh, delicious food. Consider hosting a cooking competition or an event where kids learn how to cook. Start a recipe exchange locally. Use the recipes that appear in our Newsletters and on our website to get started. Use our recipes to get started. And keep in mind that national Food Day is October 24th.

The Food Revolution is all about local & community mini-movements, and we can’t wait to see what each group tackles in their community.

If you would like to be a part of a Food Revolution Community group search our Activists map to see if there is one you can join locally, if not, set your own up and become a local Food Revolution leader.

Good luck!

The Food Revolution Team


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