New Menus On LAUSD Lunch Trays

New Menus On LAUSD Lunch Trays

Fri 17 Aug 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

LAUSD Food Services introduce new healthier lunch items and a new breakfast program this back-to-school.

As the new school year starts, along with it come new nutritional standards for school food. These new standards are part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act and will mostly be phased in over a 3 year period. Starting this year, regulations include a daily serving of fruits and vegetables; a weekly requirement for dark green or red/orange vegetables, legumes, starchy and other vegetables; a requirement that half of the offered grains during a week must be whole grains; and minimum and maximum calorie limits.

With these new regulations, students across the country will be seeing changes in the food served at their schools as they start back after the summer, including kids within the LAUSD. This year the LAUSD is introducing more changes to school food as students head back after the summer, including more nutritionally balanced meals in the lunchroom, eco-friendly lunch trays and breakfast in the classroom.

Under the guidance of Interim Director David Binkle, the LAUSD Food Services are committed to making sure that their students learn about healthy eating and making the right food choices through the new breakfast program and healthier lunch menus.

While changes made last year to the menus by Café LA - the LAUSD’s lunch program - were not all well received, this year the meals are going back to basics, with more kid friendly healthy meals such as pulled-pork sandwiches and whole-grain spaghetti and meatballs which are in line with the federal government's ‘MyPlate’ dietary guidelines. We all know that change is not easy, but this goes to show that schools and districts should not give up but rather take feedback on board and make changes and adjustments in order to improve the meal system and benefit the health of their students and it’s great to hear that the LAUSD are going back to basics.

These new entrees were tested out and introduced during the summer at LAUSD's year-round schools and have hit the lunchrooms district-wide this week. The expanded Breakfast in the Classroom also started this week, helping to ensure that kids in LA get the most important meal of the day and are set up for a day’s learning.

What do you think?

Are your kids in the LAUSD? We want to know what you think of the new school menus and breakfast in the classroom program and what the new school regulations are meaning for other lunch rooms across the country. Have your say on our Food Revolution Community page.

Here’s to a healthier school year!
The Food Revolution Team

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