Online Revolutionaries 2011

Online Revolutionaries 2011

Mon 26 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

This year, the Food Revolution has really kicked off online and we have built an amazing community of Food Revolutionaries! Our community members have really begun to connect with one another and start a variety of conversations; all centred around one main topic... food! To give our fantastic supporters a place to share their recipe creations and somewhere to discuss food topics close to their hearts we decided to launch weekly online activities - Food Revolution cook offs and twitter parties!

The Food Revolution Cook-Offs

We began back in May with our Food Revolution Caesar Salad on the Lighter Side, which we asked our community to make at home, snap a picture and add to our Facebook Food Revolution Community page.

Since then we have had an amazing 30 Food Revolution cook-offs and have seen some amazing food creations. Big thanks to everyone who has taken part in a Food Revolution cook-off in 2011!

Weve seen some amazing foodie photos, here are just some of the most popular themes:

Crunchy Garlic Chicken
Farm fresh Eggs and Omelettes
Treats and baking goodies with cupcakes and cookies
Vegetarian creations
Thanksgiving feasts

In trying to inspire the community, we, the Food Revolution team, have been inspired in return by some of the recipes submitted by the community so we made some of these too! Check out all of our team recipes and cook-off entries here.

The Food Revolution cook-offs will continue in 2012, but we will be adding a new twist, so get your cooking aprons and kitchen equipment at the ready! In the meantime, share with us all your holiday and party recipes and photos here.

If you are looking for some inspiration then check out the some of the best recipes submitted by our Food Revolution community so far and be inspired to cook from scratch!

Food Revolution Twitter Parties

Since launching our twitter parties back in April, we have had 40 nights of Food Revolution fun! Every Tuesday evening our twitter friends gather together and join @FoodRevTeam online to connect with other revolutionaries, and to share ideas, tips and advice based on their unique experiences.

Weve talked well into the night about good fast foods, how to activate your community, how to tackle specific issues such as flavored milk and how you can make the Food Revolution your own! You can read all about these twitter parties here.

Beginning on July 5th @JamieOliver kicked off a new way of running these twitter parties by asking our community members if they wanted to guest host a party, and the response has been amazing! Weve since had 16 fantastic guest hosts who have each brought a new and unique theme to the party!

Our first guest host twitter party was with revolutionary @Johane_Levesque who engaged our community
on local foods and how to source the best from your area. Since then our fantastic guest hosts have discussed topics from tackling picky eaters, how to help schools get healthy and health and wellness committees, making everyday meals more special and getting the kids involved in the kitchen to teach them about new foods. We have even had virtual Thanksgiving and Christmas parties as guests shared their tips for making the holiday season both healthy and fun!

No matter where you are in the world, you can join our parties every Tuesday night by following
@FoodRevTeam and the hash tag #FoodRevParty, and discuss with other revolutionaries how to make step by step changes in your home, community and school.

Massive thanks to all our guest hosts and to our wonderful community for sharing all their ideas, tips
and suggestions each Tuesday.

The next #foodrevparty is Jan 3rd at 4pm PST/7pm EST with @FoodRevTeam we hope to see you there!

Heres to more cooking and tweeting in 2012!

The Food Revolution Team


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