Over 70 Organisations Sign On To Support Food Education in School

Over 70 Organisations Sign On To Support Food Education In School

Thu 24 Oct 2013

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Today is Food Day in the U.S. and we’re taking a look back at what’s happened since we launched the Get Food Education in Every School campaign on Food Revolution Day.

Since launching back in May, the Get Food Education in Every School campaign has gained support from over 70 organisations and real food thought leaders. Check out the full list of supporting organizations here, and if you haven’t already signed on to support you can do so here.

We know that getting kids involved in growing, preparing and cooking food can help ensure that nutritious eating is part of their diets as teenagers and adults, and that food education can increase knowledge and desire to eat well.

However, at the same time this is the third generation that won’t know how to cook and the FIRST generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents due to diet and inactivity.

We believe that every child deserves to learn the basics about food: where it comes from, how to cook it, and how it affects their bodies. We also believe that every child should have access to hands-on food education, to touch, taste and smell foods, to see it growing and to get hands-on in the kitchen.

With kids spending most of their waking hours at school and with studies showing that if established before 6th grade, positive habits are more likely to persist into adulthood, schools provide a great place for this learning to occur. Plus, cooking is an essential life skill, and should be regarded as important as reading and writing but has been rapidly lost over the past few generations.

We want to bring back food education, equip kids with the skills to feed themselves and their families and teach them that real food doesn’t come from a box! And so do organizations across the nation and thousands of individuals. If you haven’t already, then click here to join these folks and sign up to support food education in schools.

What Others Are Saying

“Healthy diets are critical to healthy lives but our children lack the knowledge to make the right food choices or the skills to create healthy, wholesome, and nutritious meals." – Jamie Oliver

“Schools are where we teach children to be well-informed and critically-thinking adults. If we fail to use schools to educate children about how to feed themselves in a healthy and environmentally responsible manner, we are not only doing them a disservice, we are doing them harm.” ― Kate Adamick, Co-Founder, Cook for America

"We can do many things to better our children's food environment, such as improving school food or getting junk food out of classrooms, but unless kids are themselves invested the effort, those changes may not be effective. Kids need to understand why healthy eating matters as well as how to do it, which means learning the basics of nutrition and how to prepare their own healthful meals. Without this knowledge, as adults they're likely to let fast food restaurants and processed food companies take care of their meals for them, risking their health for the sake of convenience." - Bettina Elias Siegel, writer of The Lunch Tray

"As a long time healthy school food advocate, I believe that there's a three-legged stool for success in changing children's relationship to food. We need growing food and garden education, cooking and healthy food choice education and healthy delicious food in schools. Education is the key; without it we can't change children's eating habits or expect them to make healthy food choices. Join us in helping to assure that every child has access to healthy food everyday and the education to go along with it that helps them make their own healthy food choices." – Chef Ann Cooper

Not only have we spent the last 5 months garnering support, but we’ve also been researching exactly what the status of food education in US schools is. Check out these success stories for a snippet of the great things happening from Aspen to Chicago and DC to Houston:

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Photos: Top left: Gracie Cavnar, Seed to Plate NutritionTM
Bottom Left: Amber Stott, California Center for Ecoliteracy
Right: Food Revolution Ambassador Jenny Blakeney


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