Penguin China Cooks Up A Food Revolution!

Penguin China Cooks Up A Food Revolution!

Thu 23 May 2013

Story by Penguin China

The Penguin China team celebrated Jamie’s Food Revolution Day at Penguin HQ.

Everyone brought their own homemade specialties to share in a big lunchtime pot luck. Some even managed to whip up their treats on-site!

City living can be hectic and fast-paced in urban China, and come the lunch bell, many people choose the quick option of eating out at the multitude of local fast food eateries available. But on Food Revolution Day, Penguin staffers put time aside out of their busy schedules to make a change for the healthier and prepare a recipe themselves to share with everyone at lunchtime.

Getting in the Food Revolution Day Spirit

The whole office got into the Revolution spirit and managed to pull together an impressive array of food from all over the world. Delicious Chinese favourites such as five-spice beef casserole and vegetarian tofu delight; lamb curry, made from spices brought back from Pakistan; pasta and homemade bread still warm from the oven; a classic British trifle with fresh berries and cream whipped together in the office pantry, are just some of the treats made lovingly from scratch.

Some staffers who don’t usually cook, discovered a culinary side of themselves they never knew, while others, amateur chefs already, got to experiment with unknown recipes and ingredients.

But the best part was the eating – getting together and sharing in the spoils of everyone’s hard work, that is, a terrific midday feast!

About the Author: Established in 2005, Penguin China works to develop the availability of imported English language books, establishes Chinese language publishing partnerships, and supports the acquisition of titles on and from China for international publication. Forthcoming projects include Chinese language editions of Jamie's 30-Minute Meals and Jamie’s Ministry of Food (in partnership with CITIC).


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