Revolutionaries Twitter Up A Garden Party

Revolutionaries Twitter Up A Garden Party

Thu 28 Jul 2011

Story by Jaime Morlin

The Tuesday Twitter Party brought the Food Revolutionaries together again with a great discussion about the garden. The summer season is inspiring and the conversation about gardening and fresh garden food was also. I was thrilled to be a guest host and so grateful for the opportunity.

Twitter Party: July 26th @ 4 PDT / 7 EDT

Theme: The garden

Recipe of the week: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Remember to post your recipe photos to the Food Revolution Community Facebook page.

With summer well under way the discussion about gardens was a fun topic to dive right into. We weren’t surprised to discover that the majority of Revolutionaries were gardeners and enjoyed growing their own fresh fruits and veggies. We shared inspirational ideas about our favorite dishes prepared fresh from the garden, kids including kid-friendly fruits and veggies to plant and thoughts about community and school gardens. The Revolutionaries who aren’t gardeners were passionate about obtaining fresh, local, organic produce in their communities.

Party Questions and Some of the Best Tweets

Q1. What are your favorite dishes to make fresh from the garden?

jenniferberrym #foodrevparty #foodrevolution @JaimeMorlin I love a caprese salad with basil mozzarella balsamic EVOO S&P, yum

Deepsterr #foodrevparty I love fresh oregano and basil in a nice summer salad, and I've been growing my own vegetables and potatoes as well!

Q2. How are community gardens taking shape in your area and/or playing a role in the #FoodRevolution?

SveaBee @JaimeMorlin I believe a lot of community gardens & school gardens in my town contribute fresh produce to the food bank. #foodrevparty

Cocoxochitl We grow 40+ tomato & basil varieties 4 Capreses @ the LAUSD school farm, @sanpedroscictr. #foodrevparty

Q3. What are your kid's favorite veggies to plant/ eat in the garden?

1000plusone @JaimeMorlin the kid goes to garden for snack to pick the string beans straight from the patch and gobble them up :) #foodrevparty

SGWeekly Q3. Something about pulling a carrot from underground makes students giddy each and every time. #foodrevparty

Q4. How do you think schools could incorporate gardens into their curriculum?

DreanaMom As a tchr, the difficulty is where to plant outdoors, too many red tape rules. We're lucky to be next to community property where community members started it and invited school to participate

JimboBurrito How to amend a raised bed video - #FoodRevParty

Q5. If you don't have a garden, do you know where you can get fresh local produce in your area?

jenniferberrym #foodrevparty I grow some, but we go apple picking in the fall at a local farm, so FUN. and a lots of local food at the grocery store.

TripleHeartbeat @JaimeMorlin We have a great choice of farmer's markets here & they grow in greenhouses too in case of unfavorable weather #foodrevparty

We were having so much chatter we threw in an “unofficial” question towards the end!

This isn't an official question but have you all watched Jamie Oliver’s show where he cooks from his garden? (Jamie at Home) Inspiring! #Foodrevparty

@TripleHeartbeat @JaimeMorlin Love that show! I still use his "potato in a bag" trick!! #foodrevparty

Next party: Tuesday August 2nd 7pm PDT/10pm EDT – guest host announced on the day!

Thanks to everyone who joined the garden party and shared their ideas, inspiration and suggestions for growing great gardens and getting the kids involved!

About the author: Jaime Morlin is a wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. She’s a small business owner and an outdoor enthusiast in the Great Northwest, WA State. Her family enjoys cooking together and growing their urban veggie garden. She is the organizer of the Spokane District 81 Food Revolution.


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