School Lunches Through The Lens

School Lunches Through The Lens

Thu 20 Oct 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The School Lunch Photo Wall has been LIVE on the Food Revolution website for over three weeks. We are really excited to see more lunches from around the world uploaded everyday and our community rating, sharing and checking back to see the new uploads.

Check out some of the best and worst school lunches so far.

Some of the Best School Lunches

85 Ratings Sarah Elizabeth, Chicago, Illinois This lunch is Fresh blueberries, blackberries & strawberries, avocado salad with schoolyard garden tomatoes, local whole grain hummus & vegetable sandwich, tempeh & bean chili & roasted tofu slices. 100% organic!

162 Ratings Carrol sooke, Canada Students are sure to smile when they see the fun shapes this sandwich is cut into. Lunches always include an entree, veggies & dip, fruit and a wholesome treat. Focus is to use fresh, local and organic ingredients!

55 Ratings Paula, Washington, District of Columbia This lunch is locally sourced, beef, tomatoes, romaine, strawberries.

124 Ratings Amy, Santa Cruz, California This lunch is cucumbers, hummus, whole grain crackers, blueberries, tomatoes, sugar snap peas.

Some of the Worst School Lunches

88 Ratings Shawn Morrill, Nebraska This lunch is Disappointed.

148 Ratings Washington, District of Columbia This lunch is junk, bags, cookies, chips.

99 Ratings Erin, Maumee, Ohio Went to visit my son during his lunch period today. THIS is what they were serving the kids. They could add an optional cheese stick or apple, but most of the kids didn't. The lunch also included chocolate milk with 22 grams of sugar. Ugh! Glad I pack for my boys!!!

53 Ratings Damian, Corona, California This lunch is Disgusting Processed Greasy Unidentifiable.

There are more school lunch photos added every day so keep checking back, rating and sharing the photo wall. Getting everyone talking about whats served in schools is a great way to find out if your local school is doing pretty well or needs some help.

Raising awareness on what is being served to kids in schools and better understanding the hard work lunch ladies go to - providing meals to millions every day and heavily restricted by what they can and cant do - is essential to creating a unified approach to changing school food. Next time you see your lunch ladies, make sure you thank them for all the hard work they do.

Lunch ladies need our support, it is the school boards, nutrition staff and districts that we need to put pressure on to secure positive change that will ensure staff are trained and able to serve fresh cooked meals.

Were almost half way through the project, well update you next week on the best and worst rated school lunches so far. Thank you to those of you that have participated already!

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