Steal My Meals - A Natural Extension To A Love Of Cooking

Steal My Meals - A Natural Extension To A Love Of Cooking

Fri 30 May 2014

Story by Jackie Thomas

I love everything about food: the smell, the colors, the flavors, but mostly the way it brings people together.

I remember as a child my mother would cook all the time all kinds of different foods and I got to see how food brought people together, it was wonderful. My passion for food grew throughout the years and I started spending a lot of time in the kitchen, teaching myself. I would even read cookbooks for fun in my spare time.

After having my children I began to see how important healthy eating habits are, and I wanted to be a good example for my children while taking care of my health as well as theirs. I like to introduce them to different kinds of foods and vegetables in the hope that they grow to have a broad pallet.

My kids nutrition is very important to me, which is why I take the time to make healthy home-made meals and educate my kids on everything from ingredients to where foods come from and how they are produced. And, they always have plenty of questions.

Getting Family Involved in the Kitchen

I get my family involved in the cooking process as much as I can. There’s something magical about spending time with your family in the kitchen. It brings you closer together. You have fun, you laugh, and even if what you made didn’t turn out that great, the end result is always good because the moment was fulfilling.

Recipes used to be passed down generation-to-generation, people used to take pride in cooking with and for their family, and throughout the years that has lost priority. Life got busy and we rely on quick ready-made meals or take out.

It is for these reasons that I began ‘Steal My Meals’. As a natural extension to my love of cooking I wanted to share my experiences in the kitchen in the hopes of inspiring families to spend more time together experiencing this delicious activity and eating right.

‘Steal My Meals’ focuses on healthy family meals that are inspired by cuisine from all over the world. Some of my influences are Ina Garten, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, and Cat Cora.

There's a section on the blog titled 'Table Talk' where I post tips, tricks, or interesting topics related to food. I also answers kitchen questions that I receive through email or that friends and family ask.

Check out Steal My Meals at, it incorporates everything I love, food, writing and my family.

About the author: Jackie Thomas is a Hispanic blogger who began Steal My Meals in 2013 as a natural extension to her love of cooking for her three beautiful children, and wonderful husband.


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