Summer Survey Generates 18,000 Responses!

Summer Survey Generates 18,000 Responses!

Thu 11 Aug 2011

Story by Seth Nickinson

Our First ever community-wide summer survey: 18,000 responses gives us food for thought and 5 lucky cookbook winners!

We certainly have been getting to know each other over this last year, through your participation in our Facebook communities, parent, student and community involvement in the TV show and Los Angeles work, campaigns like our flavored milk petition and Milk Day of Action, and your submissions of recipes. But the summer survey was our first large-scale effort to hear directly what the Food Revolution means to you.

We were amazed by your response; more than 18,000 people took part! You told us about yourselves, your communities, and your aspirations for the Food Revolution. Today we are sharing the initial results.

Key findings on the demographic of the motivated folks who took the survey:

From across every state in America and have household incomes that span the economic spectrum.

Predominantly women but men and women share similar experiences with the Revolution and opinions on what to prioritize.

Most watch the TV show.

Many are teachers or work with kids in the community awesome!

Most take part in all kinds of activities in communities, led by shopping at the farmers market, gardening, and health & fitness pursuits.

Many volunteer or take part in a religious institution.

A large proportion has kids, mostly in K-12 school.

We found that those who took part have a range of school food experiences, but are definitely ready for change!

Academics and parent involvement at schools ranks much better than the food. Only 17% of respondents feel their school food is above average, with more than 36% reporting it is in dire need of improvement.

There is a fairly even split between those families whose kids nearly always eat school food, those that always pack a lunch, and those that choose school meals some times.

Happily, 40% report that their schools have salad bars and more than half provide free drinking water.

Unfortunately, 46% of us report that fast food is still available in their schools, and soda in 25% of schools.

This last one is really important for us to learn more about, because steps have been taken that were supposed to limit soda on school campuses.

And what kind of change is the Food Revolution most ready to cook up?

Better school food and childhood obesity & health are the biggest issues reported. Specifically, junk food is a big concern, along with scratch cooking / fresh food in cafeterias, and food integrity

Most of respondents cook often, which is amazing. The rest are ready to learn, and interested in sharing recipes, great!

The majority are particularly keen to take action locally in their communities, having local community meetings, engaging with other Revolutionaries, and connecting with other school parents.

The team is still analyzing all the fantastic information you provided, but we wanted to share these first insights.

Thanks for participating and helping us build a strong, sustainable Food Revolution that responds to your community needs.

Congrats to our cookbook winners! If you were a lucky winner of a signed Jamie cookbook you will have been contacted by email, so check you inbox.

About the author: Seth Nickinson is the Food Revolution Field Director based in San Francisco.


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