Support The Food Revolution on Independence Day

Support The Food Revolution On Independence Day

Wed 27 Jun 2012

Story by Katie Horgan

Happy birthday, America! Fourth of July is all about celebrating independence and freedom and were inviting you to do it Food Rev-style by celebrating your freedom to choose real food! Here are some easy ways that you can support the Food Revolution this Independence Day and help to change the way people eat through better food education, the skills and knowledge to cook again and inspiring everyone to stand up for their right to real food.

Celebrate 4th Of July With Real Food!

Preparing for your 4th of July celebrations

Purchase your grill, meats, and supplies with the Food Revolution Giving Assistant browser app. When you make a purchase at,, and, the Giving Assistant automatically sends a portion of your order to support the Food Revolution! (Note that the percentage of your purchase donated to the campaign differs between retail partners, by shopping at Lowes 1-2% of your purchase comes back to the Food Revolution.)

Download the Giving Assistant to get started.

Celebrating Independence on 4th of July

Host a real food barbeque or dinner party and share with your friends and family the importance of cooking food from scratch. The Food Revolution can only grow if we continue to spread its message!

Check out our suggestions for a real food 4th of July feast and download our Dinner Party Starter Kit to get started.

Continuing The Movement After July 4th

Share with the world what you did and what real food you celebrated with! If you made a purchase at one of Lowes, Amazon, or Cabelas, or any of our approved online retailers to support the Food Revolution (find approved retailers by simply shopping online and looking for the Food Revolution icon in your search results or check out the full list here), share it on your blog so your readers can make their online shopping count too.

If you hosted an event with real food, post your photos on the Food Revolution Community facebook page or share them on twitter with @foodrev and show others that holidays arent about junk food but real food from scratch!

Dont forget to down load the Food Revolution Giving Assistant and help support the Food Revolution movement for free today!

About the author: Katie Horgan is Head of marketing and operations at GlobalMojo - a Food Revolution partner. Katie is also a runner, health advocate, foodie, and supporter of the Food Revolution!


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