Taco revolution!  Food Revolution Day 2013 Mexico

Taco Revolution! Food Revolution Day 2013 Mexico

Tue 02 Jul 2013

Story by Luciara Franco

Just like my friendly dog, Taco, the Mexican dish taco can be a symbol of resistance. I am talking about preserving the same ingredients as the previous generations had, such as making tortillas with real corn from their fields and having healthy sides made with avocado, fresh chilies and herbs. These are prepared quickly but not in a fast food American style and they keep the Mexican passion for home cooked food.

Fruit Beverages Instead of Soda

In spite of all of the healthy and fresh options Mexico has to offer, the most popular snack in Mexico has been losing some of these characteristics, and because of this the obesity level in the country is rising in a very dangerous way. For a tropical country with an abundance of delicious types of fruit available, it does not make sense that the consumption of soda keeps increasing in Mexico, which is already the second biggest market in the world. However, if people can resist the temptation of the sugary soda, the other most popular drinks probably are the traditional Mexican beverages that are served with tacos: Jamaica, a cold tea made out from hibiscus flowers, and horchata, a rice and coconut drink. Both of these options are healthy, refreshing and gorgeous!

With this in mind, as a Food Revolution ambassador I decided to start Food Revolution Day 2013 by highlighting these drinks and choosing an activity related to the enormous benefits of having tropical fresh juice instead of artificial drinks for breakfast. The location was “Parque La Choca”, a beautiful park, where many people from Villahermosa, Tabasco, take their dogs daily for a pleasant walk or just to go outdoors to exercise in an open green space. Apart from offering natural fresh juice to them, I was talking to everyone I could about our goals regarding food education in Mexico. Also, I was getting people involved with two big projects we have going on in the city: first, the promotion of activities in schools for the Mexican kids (building up green areas for crops and so on) and second, the main project, the organization of a weekly organic and fair-trade open market in La Choca.

In order to celebrate the Food Revolution Day 2013 in Mexico City, we got in contact with the nonprofit organization Transparencia Mexicana, which kindly decided to support the idea, promoting a "sustainable coffee-break" on 17th May. It was all part of the event “Transparency International’s Climate Finance Integrity Talk: Mexico City”, which is when experts in the climate sector had the opportunity to discuss how Climate Finance can help put our planet on a more sustainable path. Bruno Brandão, Transparencia Mexicana coordinator, commented that this initiative was here, “to prompt some important conversations about the direct links between food production and consumption, the environment and our climate was our goal and we were happy to be part of this great movement for a better sustainable life”.

About the author Luciara Franco: I love cooking as a therapy, as a passion, as an art. So, appreciate deeply Jamie Oliver Foundation goals and whole project. As a Food Revolution Day ambassador in Mexico I wish to keep bringing up the authentic, colourful, healthy and tasty food, such as Brazilian and Mexican ones. My main goal is to help both countries by inspiring people, just as Jamie Oliver does, all over the world, to be focused on the things that really make a difference.


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