Taste Of the East Side

Taste Of The East Side

Wed 04 Apr 2012

Story by Tabitha Erhardt and Siuan McGahan

Taste of the Eastside is a celebration of this evolving and diverse food community.

How It Started

Two years ago, a couple of parents were faced with the daunting task of raising funds for their Silver Lake preschool. They decided to continue the seventy year old cooperative’s tradition of activism by creating an event that celebrated the region’s food community.

In recent years, the area sometimes referred to by Angelenos as “The Eastside” has experienced a proliferation of restaurants and artisans focusing on local, sustainable and slow food practices. This seemed like a natural place to start for a school that practiced the same.

What It Is

Taste of the Eastside is an annual, one day event hosted at Barnsdall Art Park in Los Feliz. It’s a celebration of the evolving and diverse cuisine of one of Los Angeles’ most distinct and compelling regions.

Through tastings, demonstrations and family events, Taste of the Eastside highlights not only the great food available here but also a drive towards sustainable practices and healthy lifestyles for families and communities.

This year, 2,000 people will attend the event to experience food from the region’s best restaurants and artisans. Highlights include a marketplace of local and artisanal foods and seminars and demos by chefs, artisans and mixologists. (See list of participants confirmed to date below.)

Taste of the Eastside is entirely funded and organized by Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery. Proceeds from the event go to: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA), Barnsdall Arts Foundation and Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery.

Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery

Since 1939 Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery has been fostering the idea of parents and children growing and learning together within the group. We are a non-profit organization committed to offering a uniquely supportive and progressive pre-school option to families at a very minimal cost.

As part of a broader campaign to green our school Rose Scharlin has partnered with a local CSA to supply pesticide-free, locally grown produce for the vegetable and fruit component of our mid-morning meal. This meal is provided by our parents on a rotation basis and has very specific guidelines: it must contain a whole grain item, a vegetarian protein, a vegetable and a fruit; sugar is not allowed.

Incorporating the CSA component has led to a lively debate about the food values of our community, caloric intake and what is really best for our kids. More often than not the result is that our parents provide colorful, healthy and creative meals which are shared by workday parents, kids and teachers in a communal style at our outdoor tables.

Details of Taste of the Eastside May 6th 2012
Location: Barnsdall Art Park, Los Feliz, CA
Time: 1-5 General Admission, noon VIP Entry, May 6th
Tickets: $35 General Admission Unlimited Food Tastes, $45 General Admission Plus Bar Unlimited Food Tastes plus Beer & Wine Tastes, $65 VIP Ticket Unlimited Food Tastes, VIP Seminars & Demos and early entry

Confirmed Participants

VIP Demos & Seminars
Jessica Koslow - Sqirl Jams, Jen Smith - Full Moon Pickles, Chef Ann Kirk - Little Dom’s, Naoko Moore - Toiko Kitchen, Guest Barista - Intelligentsia Coffee, Talmadge Lowe - Pharmacie Cocktails, Marcos Tello - Neat Bar

Cookbook Market, Pazzo Gelato, Intelligentsia, Little Dom’s, The Park, The Kitchen, Yuca’s, Madame Matisse, Cliff’s Edge, Reservoir, Auntie Em’s, Good Girl Dinette, Silver Lake Wine

About the authors: Tabitha Erhardt and Siuan McGahan are members of a cooperative pre-school in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. They came to the co-op from varied backgrounds in brand management and engineering, but with a shared passion for healthy living and community activism. As partners on the fundraising team for three years, they created Taste of the Eastside as a response to the needs of the community, as well as the financial needs of the preschool.


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