The East Bay Food Revolution Is Well Underway!

The East Bay Food Revolution Is Well Underway!

Fri 08 Jun 2012

Story by Trace Williams

The Food Revolution is well underway in the East Bay area of Northern California! After over a year of working in local schools, evangelizing healthy eating, inspiring hundreds of kids and families to cook for themselves and connecting children to real food with farm experiences, Chef Trace Williams and her crew of over forty chefs, culinary students and farmers are working to launch Hope’s Kitchen in Richmond, California in partnership with Farm Now.

North Richmond is an area that endures high obesity and diabetes rates. Richmond is also unfortunately plagued with gang violence, murder and high drop-out rates on the high school level, the kids there have so much to overcome. Even with all of these challenges, the Richmond community nurtures an enduring spirit with a strong desire to build a better life – the resources just need to be put in place. A revolution just has to happen there and happen fast!

Encouraging Curiosity As To Where Our Food Comes From

Hope’s Kitchen will be located on Farm Now’s site in the heart of North Richmond and will offer after-school and summer programs that will provide kids with the opportunity to grow food, raise livestock, learn how to cook the food and of course enjoy the fruits of their labor – a true farm to table experience that will provide the kids with a foundation for a healthier lifestyle as they progress into adulthood.

Additionally, the program aims to enhance self-esteem with an unparalleled sense of purpose and accomplishment. In additional to offering programs for the kids in Richmond, Hope’s Kitchen will also offer schools all over the Bay Area the opportunity to bring kids out for field trips and day long programs that will plant the seeds and encourage curiosity as to where our food comes from.

Hope’s Kitchen is named for Hope Phillips – A Northern California restaurateur who was an inspiration to East Bay Food Revolution’s leadership. Hope sadly, recently passed away after a long battle with cancer, but her legacy fosters the inspiration to provide our community with healthier living options and the knowledge that we can effect change!

Farm Now and Sunnyside Organics have agreed to provide a beautiful former farm packing house (circa 1960’s) for Hope’s Kitchen, an ideal site with much of the needed core infrastructure needed already in place. However, there is still much work to be done before the kitchen can open. The building needs a new roof, kitchen equipment and miscellaneous work to bring it to code and make it an ideal place to change lives! To raise money to complete these tasks, East Bay Food Revolution is throwing an epic party in June!

Throw Down on the Farm

Throw Down on the Farm will feature ten chefs from Chef’s World Tour with each of them conjuring up an epically delicious dish featuring local ingredients. These chefs are coming from as far away as Mississippi and Washington DC. Volunteers are pouring in from all walks of life, from culinary students to some of Northern California’s most prolific farmers. Sponsors have jumped on board to support Hope’s Kitchen with financial support and donation of goods that range from beautiful Waygu Beef to farming boots. Three DJs and a live band have all volunteered to provide fabulous entertainment. The Throw Down will be judged by local TV celebrities, authors, chefs and food evangelists and will be covered by multiple media outlets.

Trace Williams said “We are truly amazed at how so many people, from chefs to corporations to local families, have jumped on board to help us make a difference in the East Bay. Response to our desire to make change happen has been prolific! Our partnership with Farm Now and Chefs World Tour will enable us to provide our community with a truly fabulous learning experience and resources.”

The event will be purposed not only to raise money to complete the Hope’s Kitchen building project, but to raise awareness on the need for this Food Revolution. More information on the event and East Bay Food Revolution’s endeavors can be found at

East Bay Food Revolution is determined to provide HOPE to our community. HOPE for a better way of living and HOPE for a better future for our kids! Join our Food Revolution!

About the author: Trace Williams is a mother, chef and creator of the East Bay Food Revolution community group in San Ramon, California.


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