The Food Revolution Community Ambassador Program

The Food Revolution Community Ambassador Program

Wed 25 Jul 2012

Story by Sarah Curl

The Soon-to-Launch Food Revolution Community Ambassador Program Aims To Engage Leaders Throughout the Year and Reach Communities Worldwide

Following on from Food Revolution Day 2012, where Ambassadors and volunteers ignited a fire for real food in their communities, we have some exciting news.

Monthly Ambassador Program

Next month, well be launching our monthly Ambassador Program with some exciting initiatives to continue the community movement and to get the Food Revolution started in even more communities across the world.

The Ambassador Program will engage people throughout the year. Well be conducting monthly challenges, a participating forum and holding monthly calls for our Ambassadors. Weve seen the dedication and commitment that many of our ambassadors have put forth and we want to support this movement and extend involvement year round. We have over 160 ambassadors in over 30 countries and counting!

Do You Want To Be A Food Revolution Ambassador?

Do you have a deep commitment for real, fresh and sustainable foods? Are you already communicating and organizing events with the thought leaders in the real food community?

We are looking for Ambassadors to play a leadership in connecting individuals, schools, businesses and organizations at a local level to ensure their collective voice is heard. Being an Ambassador is a great way to use some of your knowledge and skills to share with your community. Do you think you or someone you know would make a great Ambassador? Apply today!

The role of a Food Revolution Ambassador:

Engaging with the key players in the real food community.

Interacting year round and identifying avenues to reach out to your community.

To support those who are looking to get further involved.

Report updates and details to the Food Revolution Team so we can share your accomplishments.

Our Food Revolution Ambassadors have shown a dedication to real food, a commitment to engaging others, and are keen to start conversations and create meaningful connections in their community. Check out the 130 plus cities across the world that have already started a Food Revolution in their community here and apply to be a Food Revolution Ambassador and start the conversation in your local community here.

Do you still have questions and want to get in touch?

Check out our Ambassadors App on our Facebook page for more information on what Ambassadors do and how you can get involved or email me with any other questions you have.

We look forward to supporting your efforts so stay tuned to see whats coming up that you can get involved with in August!

Thanks so very much.

Sarah Curl
Food Revolution Community Manager
Twitter: @sarahanncurl


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