The Many Shades Of School Lunch

The Many Shades Of School Lunch

Thu 01 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

With the recent news from Congress rocking school food standards our School Lunch Photo Wall has never been more relevant in creating a powerful visual tool to raise awareness around the vast difference in the lunches are kids are receiving across over 16,000 school districts in the US.

With the photo wall now running for the full 2011-2012 school year together we can highlight the importance of knowing what is on the lunch tray and build a meaningful showcase of school lunches from across America and the rest of the world, a great reference for years to come. Here are some of the uploads so far.

Some Of The Best Rated Lunches

• Erin, Winthrop, Maine - healthy, balanced, tasty, economical, homemade (1)

• Sean, Gujo, Japan - Fruit, salad, trout and ayu fish with plum sauce, rice with barley, miso soup, and milk, all grown and produced locally. (3)

• Paula, Washington DC - locally sourced, beef, tomatoes, romaine, strawberries (5)

Some Of The Worst Rated Lunches

• Rachel, Galva, Illinois - a high school lunch consisting of greasy ham, baked "potato", and canned pineapple. Lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, and milk (not pictured) are all optional! (2)

• Angela, Fergus Falls, Minnesota - macho nachos, bread, canned pears, cookie (4)

• Erin, Maumee, Ohio - Went to visit my son during his lunch period today. THIS is what they were serving the kids. They could add an optional cheese stick or apple, but most of the kids didn't. The lunch also included a chocolate milk with 22 grams of sugar. Ugh! Glad I pack for my boys!!! (6)

Bagged Lunches

We have also had some wonderful bagged lunch uploads. We would obviously much rather have a system in which all food served at school was freshly made and real good food but many parents are faced with no food option or a bad one so choose instead to send their kids off with a bagged lunch. If you are doing this make sure to make it balanced, fresh and homemade, like some of these:

Amy, Santa Cruz, California - cucumbers, hummus, whole grain crackers, blueberries, tomatoes, sugar snap peas.

Lunchalicious, Sooke, Canada - Christmas themed lunch with Rudolf sandwich, reindeer carrot sticks, broccoli Christmas trees, red/green fruit and a snowflake shaped Yummylicious brownie. Fun, Healthy, Local, Organic & delicious!

Cristi, Oak Harbor, Washington - fresh, fun, veggies, flowers, cheese, healthy

Tanya, Bobcaygeon, Canada - fresh, healthy, homemade, quick

Calling Alabama, Indiana, Montana, Wyoming…

We want every state represented on the School Lunch Photo Wall, we are nearly there with over 75% representation. Do you live in one of the following states or know someone who does? If so, we want to see your school lunches: Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming! Most continents are now also represented, what a great first semester!

In the next Food Revolution newsletter we will do a roundup of the best and worst rated school lunches from the wall so far and contact one from each category, picked by Jamie and the team, to be featured on the Food Revolution website and receive a brand new signed Jamie recipe book!

In the meantime, upload, rate and share school lunch photos now!

The Food Revolution Team

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