The Power of Volunteers: A 2012 Ambassador Recap

The Power Of Volunteers: A 2012 Ambassador Recap

Wed 19 Dec 2012

Story by Sarah Curl

We received our first Ambassador application on February 28, 2012 and since then we have had an overwhelming response with over 1200 people applying to become Ambassadors!

383 Ambassadors in 66 countries and 250 cities

Today we have 383 Ambassadors in 66 countries and 250 cities around the world. Ambassadors have become such an integral part of the Food Revolution that we canít imagine a time without them! Hereís whatís been happening:

ē Ambassador Program

After Food Revolution Day 2012, an amazing group of committed and enthusiastic people stepped up wanting to change our relationship with food. They wanted to put food education, food policy and real food first. Because of this commitment, we decided we needed to really support this strong group of volunteers and provide resources and community for them to connect. Since then, they have been working tirelessly in their schools, farmerís markets, workplaces and communities trying to make change. They are our eyes and ears on the ground and we couldnít have been happier to build the Ambassador Program around them and to continue developing it in 2013.

ē Monthly Challenges

We started Monthly Challenges in August 2012 as a way for Ambassadors to find new ways to engage with their community and create meaningful ways to connect with family and friends over real food. It was unprecedented how fun and exciting it has become for Ambassadors, supporters and the Food Revolution team. We have loved seeing and hearing all of the inspiring and often touching stories. From our Kenyan Ambassador talking with vendors at his local farmerís market to the mom in Ohio meeting with her school administrators to learn more about the school food they are serving her child. We absolutely love feeling connected with communities from Argentina to Croatia and Singapore to Senegal and canít wait to see what our volunteers will accomplish next year.

ē Ambassador Online Community

The Food Revolution Community is one of the most important aspects of the Ambassador Program. It brings together people from all different backgrounds to share their advice, expertise and inspiration. We feel that if we can connect everyone who is passionate about real, fresh and sustainable food, our voices will be amplified. We wanted a private online space where Ambassadors could bounce ideas off of each other and we canít wait to show you see what other community building tools will be available in 2013.

The Future of the Ambassador Program

We have a lot of exciting things being created for Ambassadors and we canít wait to show our food revolutionaries what we have been working on. Here is a sneak peak of whatís to come in 2013.

ē Exclusive Online Space

Since we started the Ambassador Program, we knew we wanted an exclusive space where Ambassadors could log on and receive support, resources and a community of other volunteers. Well that time has come! After months of research and trying to find the perfect space, we have found something that has surpassed our expectations and we think you will love it too. The space will be launching in the first few months of 2013, so keep an eye out!

ē Food Revolution Day 2013

In October, Ambassadors were the first to receive the official date for Food Revolution Day 2013 and shouted out to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, volunteers and anyone else who would listen. Since then, our amazing Ambassadors have been hard at work planning local events and dinner parties in communities across the world. From San Francisco to Italy, plans are underway to make Food Revolution Day a global success!

We want to thank each and every one of our Ambassadors who have supported the Food Revolution with so much passion and support this year. We truly appreciate it and we would not have been able to accomplish what we have this year without you.

Here's to a wonderful 2013!

About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

Twitter: @sarahanncurl


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