Donates $546 To The Food Revolution Donates $546 To The Food Revolution

Thu 16 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Throughout the month of May, - a global recipe sharing and social networking website for foodies, chefs and cooks – chose to raise awareness and donations for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Wow, thank you for choosing us!

For every new registered user on the site in May, the Recipe Diva pledged to donate $1 to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

To support their pledge The Recipe Diva reached out to their community through Facebook and Twitter to encourage people to spread the word, attract new users to help raise money for the Food Revolution and encourage current users to sign the Food Revolution petition – the more support we have the more noise we can make around the issues that count! Help us reach a million to keep cooking skills alive and raise awareness around great, fresh food and how important it is to this generation and the next.

The Recipe Diva also showed support for the Food Revolution through highlighting and promoting our recipes - such as our oatmeal raisin cookies, great to make with the kids and for a bake sale - and sharing their own healthy recipes with our Food Revolutionaries. They also encouraged conversations specific to the Food Revolution and participated in our weekly twitter events, joining conversations on healthy living and eating – it is through our partners and supporters, such as, that we can build a unified approach to our grassroots movement, reaching broader and wider communities.

The promotion ended on May 31st with a total of 546 new registered users, meaning that the Recipe Diva will be sending donating $546 to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

We would like to The Recipe Diva for choosing to support the Food Revolution and for their generous donation, we hugely appreciate it, every $1 counts!

If you would like to donate to Jamie’s Food Revolution you can do so here.

The Food Revolution Team


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