jamie's food revolution - final episode

Jamie's Food Revolution - Final Episode

Fri 23 Apr 2010

Story by Danny McCubbin

The final episode of Jamie's Food Revolution airs tonight on the ABC 9pm/8c. This week has been an amazing week for Jamie’ Food Revolution. The petition has almost hit a half a million signatures! Thank you to everybody who has signed. If you haven’t yet signed - do it now and get all your friends, family and colleagues to sign too! This petition is America’s voice for change.

The campaign is making waves and this week we have heard amazing stories from all over the USA.

In Seattle they have started a group called Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Seattle. Inspired by the show and Jami’s work this pop-up grass-roots organisation is “fighting for delicious, wholesome food made with real ingredients in our schools, our workplace cafeterias, in homes in our communities.” Check out their launch “Teach a Kid to Cook Day” event on April 17th :

In Detroit, two young sisters were so inspired to cook by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution that they checked out his book from the local library and made a rice salad. Read all about it.

And in Vancouver, Canada, following an exchange on twitter with Jamie one mother was inspired to start Food Revolution Friday’s on her blog. Click here to find out her ideas on how to continue the Food Revolution.

Renegade Lunch Lady and Founder, F3 Foundation - Ann has transformed school meal programs across the country. Her groundbreaking work in Berkeley, California, formed the basis for a website to support Nutrition Services staff everywhere in making real change to school lunches. Ann is now implementing the Berkeley model for seasonal, fresh, sustainable school meals in Boulder, Colorado. Check out Ann’s blog.

About the author: Danny McCubbin is the website editor for JamieOliver.com.

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