twitter party #1: food revolution episode 1 after-party

Twitter Party #1: Food Revolution Episode 1 After-party

Mon 18 Apr 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Food Rev on Twitter:

Whilst Season 2 is on air in the US (ABC Tuesday’s 8/7c) join us for our weekly Food Revolution Episode After-Parties, every Wednesday following each new episode on Tuesday. We discuss the show, key issues and follow up on the best tweets each week!

Twitter Party #1: Wednesday April 13 2011

Party Helpers: ScatteredMom & FedUpWithLunch


Q1. So ....... what did you guys think of the first episode?? #foodrevparty

Q2. How do you explain to people relevance of knowing where food comes from? #foodrevparty

Q3. What good school food projects have people seen out there? #foodrevparty

Q4. How do we feel about kids getting 8 spoons of sugar a day from 2 flavored milks at school?” #foodrevparty


@Greek_Momma Laura
I take my kids to food factories, farms & orchards & then we talk about where foods come from and/or made. #foodrevparty

@StefAlmond Stefanie Almond
Not all schools are against change. Huge obstacles, zero budget. Trying our best to make it healthier. #foodrevparty

@KatelinMantey KatelinMantey
1st episode was very moving. All that sugar in the bus... Evn made me look at my sugar intake. Thks #foodrevparty

@amybgarrett amybgarrett
Providing healthy meal options & educating children IS NOT compromising their freedom. #foodrevolution

@big_benford Cathy Benford
@jamieoliver Maybe we should set the example and lay off all the sugar in our coffee, etc.... #foodrevparty

Next Party: Episode 2 After Party: Wednesday April 20 7pm EST / 4pm PST

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