Twitter Party #2: Food Revolution Episode 2 After-Party

Twitter Party #2: Food Revolution Episode 2 After-Party

Tue 26 Apr 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The Food Revolution is on Twitter! With Season 2 on air in the US (ABC Tuesday’s 8/7c) we're calling all of you to join us for our weekly Food Revolution Episode After-Parties, every Wednesday following each new episode on Tuesday. We discuss the show, key issues and follow up on the best tweets each week! We will also be running Food Revolution Competwitions on Tuesdays from today, check out the details below.

Twitter Party #2: Wednesday April 20 2011


Q1. What did everybody think of episode 2? #foodrevparty

Q2. What were your views on Sophia's story and the importance of healthy eating from a young age? #foodrevparty

Q3. So what #foodrevolution actions are happening in your community? #foodrevparty

Q4. What other community actions are you all part of? Have you joined your local #FoodRevolution group? #foodrevparty

Q5. What changes have you all made so far in your own #FoodRevolution? #foodrevparty

Q6. How are you going to help spread the #FoodRevolution in your community? #foodrevparty


rebeccahession Until adults decide to be role models, changing our kids will be TOUGH - #foodrevparty | Eating well doesn't have to be a drag.

Ironchefette #foodrevparty I challenged the director of the college cafeteria. I asked him why they don't sell healthier food & he blamed the students. | FoodRevTeam@Ironchefette Don't take that and don't give up! #foodrevparty

coastalsc @FoodRevTeam @jamieoliver I am going to hold free cooking classes in my community! #FoodRevolution #foodrevparty | FoodRevTeam@coastalsc Amazing!! Make sure you keep us up to date!!! #foodrevparty

mariapilarclark @FoodRevTeam Hard to feed my youngest - picky and doesn't want 2eat anything beyond whole grain pasta, milk, shredded wheat #foodrevparty | FoodRevTeam @mariapilarclark Keep up the hard work trying and you will get there!! #foodrevparty

NSWDWMom @FoodRevTeam My kids really started to LOVE veg when they started to help more in our garden. If they plant it, they eat it. #foodrevparty | FoodRevTeam@NSWDWMom Great way of getting them involved and educating of where our food comes from! #foodrevparty

twiknitmom @FoodRevTeam our school started a CSA program - fresh veggies every week! #foodrevparty | FoodRevTeam @twiknitmom Brilliant, great step forwards!! #foodrevparty

sallyhallada We planted a veg garden in our back yard three weeks ago - can't wait until we can eat what we've grown - kids are excited! #foodrevparty | FoodRevTeam@sallyhallada Great work!! Veg gardens are fantastic and great way to educate! #foodrevparty

Next Party: Food Revolution Competwition: Tuesday April 26 6pm PST / 9pm EST #foodrevcomp

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