What Parents Can Do To Help Keep School Healthy

What Parents Can Do To Help Keep School Healthy

Thu 04 Aug 2011

Story by Gina Rau

This week’s Food Revolution Twitter party was all about the food our children are served at school, and the small steps towards improvements that we parents can make. I was honored to be asked to host the party and truly appreciative for those who shared their stories and ideas.

Twitter Party: August 2nd, 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT

Theme: Things parents can do to help keep school healthy

Recipe of the Week: Veg Frittata (I’m looking forward to checking out the photos on the Food Revolution Community Facebook wall)

Can you believe that school is just around the corner? Some of our nation’s students will head back to the classroom next week! While we’re all running around town to track down that school supply list, many are also thinking about lunch time and how they’ll make sure school is a place of nutrition, not junk. Here are some of the great ideas shared during tonight’s event. I hope that you can find a few to implement at your own school.

Party Questions & Some of the Best Tweets

Q1. Everyone is familiar with the food served at schools, right? If you could just make ONE change, what would that be?

@JaimeMorlin Replace processed food with real food #FoodRevParty

@Lunchalicious I’d wish that whole foods were primarily used (especially meats) for lunches served to students #FoodRevParty

@Crunchacolor More gardens, so they can grow the food they eat! #FoodRevParty

Q2. Let’s talk about our kids. How do you make sure your child has a healthy lunch for school?

@Crunchacolor #foodrevparty My kids design the menu for the week. Give them choices of protein + 3 colors + healthy grain. No processed. No dried.

Q3. What improvements have been made that makes your child's school a healthy place for kids?

@Johane_Levesque #foodrevparty We have whole grain pasta, bread, brown rice. Provincial regs.

@OutoftheBoxFood District agreed 2 remove flavored milk & will be sourcing locally grown organic fruit. Parents will need 2 work 2 keep it out! #foodrevparty

Q4. What is your best tip to help other parents make healthy changes at their school?

@JaimeMorlin Maybe we can form parent groups to help school cooks cut & serve fresh veggies & fruits – Maybe they’re understaffed? #foodrevparty

@OutoftheBoxFood Don’t be afraid to ask for change & gather other parents to help support your efforts. Start a Wellness Committee #foodrevparty

@JaimeMorlin Begin with healthy changes at home. With kids it’s contagious! #foodrevparty

If you want to get involved, check out @JamieOliver’s activist maps to find a group in your school district.

There are also toolkits & support tools to start conversations on change.

Thanks for coming everyone!

About the author & host: With over 12 years experience as a marketer in the food industry, Gina has seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly of the food we eat. She founded Feed Our Families to inform, inspire and empower parents to make healthier choices for their family.

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