Twitter Revolution: Cupcakes, Chefs and Cooking

Twitter Revolution: Cupcakes, Chefs And Cooking

Thu 23 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The twitter revolution continues and don’t worry, we’ll still be on twitter once the Season 2 is over. The Food Revolution is here to stay! As we near July and think about our summer plans bake sale cupcakes, cooking in your community and local chef champions were on the agenda.

We talked cupcake creations and found that you feel that local chef champions are a great idea and way to improve awareness around the food we eat, where it comes from and gaining confidence in the kitchen. Check out our competition winner below – who receives a signed book from Jamie! - and the best tweets from the party.

TWITTER COMPETWITION #9 Tuesday June 21st 2011 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT

Question: ‘What cupcakes would you make for a Food Revolution bake sale & what would you call them? #FoodRevParty

Winner: Gone Bananas
JennLStevens @FoodRevTeam I would make Banana Oatmeal Cupcakes called “Gone Bananas!” #FoodRevComp

Best of the Rest

• Carrot Cupcakes
DreanaMom #FoodRevComp what’s cUPcake Doc? Carrot cupcakes- just like they sound, but replace sugar with apple sauce. I’m a wordsmith, not a chef lol
• Lemon Raspberry Surprise
ADDHousewife @FoodRevTeam my favorite are lemon raspberry surprise.. surprise there are veggies in it! #foodrevcomp
• Lemon Heaven
Stephanieruns @FoodRevTeam lemon filled vanilla cupcakes with a lemon icing and a blueberry on top. I’d call it lemon heaven! #FoodRevComp

Next Competwition: Tuesday June 28th 2011 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT

TWITTER PARTY #11 Wednesday June 22nd 2011 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT

Party Questions & Best Tweets

Q1. What ideas do you have to get your community cooking? #FoodRevParty
OutoftheBoxFood We’ve hosted community viewing parties of food docs like @foodinc – Get’s people inspired to cook fresh @FoodRevTeam

Q2. Have you been to any chef demos? If so what did they show you how to cook? #FoodRevParty
Stephanieruns @FoodRevTeam the grocery store here has a cooking school! I just need to remember to sign up #FoodRevParty

Q3. Been in contact with any chefs? What do you think about getting chefs involved in schools? #FoodRevParty
JoyKuebler @FoodRevTeam: getting chefs involved in schools #FoodRevParty way to link kids to food, chefs to be mentors and kids to positive future

Q4. If you had a restaurant what would you call it & what would be your specialty dish? #FoodRevParty
Cravenmavenblog @FoodRevTeam Tiffany’s and it would serve traditional breakfasts from cultures around the world. And only breakfasts. #foodrevparty

Q5. What Food Revolution plans do you have for this summer? #FoodRevParty
Scatteredmom @FoodRevTeam we are doing our #foodrevolution road trip! 8000 kms, no fast food, eat out only at dinner. Pack lunchs, visit markets. #foodrevparty

Q6. We have some great kid recipes on our site, what summer recipes will you be doing with the kids? #FoodRevParty
Johane_Levesque @FoodRevTeam BBQ and salads--- Tons of each and very few repeats!

Next Party: Wednesday June 29th 2011 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT

Thank you to everyone who took part, join us next week!

The Food Revolution Team

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