Twitter Tuesdays: Tackling Picky Eaters

Twitter Tuesdays: Tackling Picky Eaters

Fri 22 Jul 2011

Story by Kim Gerber

The Twitter Revolution roared to life yet again this past Tuesday. Revolutionaries from around the globe gathered to discover and share creative ways to feed picky eaters. It was an honor and privilege to be asked to guest host this week. Thank you Food Revolution, it was a blast!

Twitter Party: July 19th @ 7pm PST/10pm EDT

Theme: Feeding Picky Eaters

Recipe of the week: Chopped Salad - don’t forget to post your pictures on the Food Revolution Community Facebook page!

This week’s #foodrevparty took place on Tuesday July 19, 2011 at 7pm PST/ 10pm EDT. The challenge of feeding picky eaters affects many of us, and we were determined to discover and share new ways to help our children learn to enjoy real food. Tuesday’s #foodrevparty gave us a place to gather, plenty of new ideas to try and the inspiration to make a difference for our kids. Here are the questions from our #foodrevparty and some of the best ideas and suggestions for feeding picky eaters.

Party Questions and Best Tweets

Q1.How do you get your picky eaters to try new foods?

@JaimeMorlin @OutoftheBoxFood My picky daughters started eating veggies when they grew them and picked them themselves from our garden #foodrevparty

Q2. What are your best ways to get kids to eat veggies?

@Greek_Momma @OutoftheBoxFood A2: eating veggies myself, buying local so they can see where comes from, & letting them pick at store #FoodRevParty

Q3. Do you get your kids involved in the grocery shopping?

@Greek_Momma @OutoftheBoxFood A3: Yes! Helps them eat more veggies + work on other skills (math, colors,etc) They love the scale! #FoodRevParty

Q4.Do you take your kids to farmers markets?

@Johane_Levesque #foodrevparty Absolutely! I even bring them to the farms when I have the opportunity.

Q5. How about preparing meals.Do you get your kids involved in the kitchen?

@MealPlanMom @OutoftheBoxFood Q5 I have been cooking with my kids since they could walk (almost!) Started as a way to spend time together #foodrevparty

Q6: What jobs can even the youngest kids do to help in the kitchen?

@ADDhousewife @OutoftheBoxFood my little ones bring me the ingredients #foodrevparty

Q7 - Have you ever let your kids create their OWN recipes & prepared them for a family meal?

@Lunchalicious My kids love to plate the food into fun shapes, put food on skewer (i.e., fruit kabobs) #foodrevparty #foodrevolution

Q8 - What's your best advice to new parents for preparing kids to like real, fresh food?

@Lavender_Salts Q8 - best tip for kids to like real food? Grow it, serve it. Make it part of your life #foodrevparty

@Ciocia @OutoftheBoxFood Q8 Allow for curiosity: Let them try what they want/shop from healthy fridge #foodrevparty

Next Party: Tuesday July 26th at 4pm PST/7pm EDT – guest host announced on the day!

Thank you to all who joined us this week. Be sure to try your hand at this week’s Food Revolution Recipe of the Week, Chopped Salad, and post your pictures on the Food Revolution Community Facebook Page. In fact, why not use this as an opportunity to get your kids involved in the kitchen – they may learn to love a new vegetable while they’re at it.

About the author: Kim Gerber is a Los Angeles mom, children’s nutrition advocate and author of, a website dedicated to deconstructing processed kid food and offering fresh alternatives to families. Kim shared the great news yesterday that flavored milk will now be banned in all elementary schools in Las Virgenes School District, California this fall!


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