UN Summit on NCDs Follow Up: Cambridge Conference on NCDs

UN Summit On NCDs Follow Up: Cambridge Conference On NCDs

Fri 13 Jan 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Back in September of last year, the Food Revolution supported the UN Summit on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), as some of the biggest names in health gathered together in New York to discuss how to tackle the huge impact that NCDs have on health globally, killing three in five people worldwide (1).

NCDs (the four main of which are cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lung diseases and diabetes) account for a huge number of global deaths each year, some of which are largely preventable, with unhealthy diet and physical inactivity among some of the leading causes of NCDs. Not only do these NCDs have serious health impacts but also cause serious socioeconomic harm (1).

During the UN Summit, world leaders unanimously adopted the Political Declaration on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) agreeing that “the global burden and threat of NCDs constitutes one of the major challenges for development in the twenty-first century, which undermines social and economic development throughout the world”.

The approved political declaration called for an agenda by the end of 2012 to take action on reducing and preventing NCDs. This was a huge step in the right direction and as Jamie says, “people embrace knowledge”, so governments and leaders now armed with this knowledge on the importance of addressing NCDs must deliver on their commitment to tackling them (2).

Following on from the initial Summit we are pleased to hear that later this month, the Humanitarian Center - a Cambridge, UK based international relief and development network - in partnership with the Cambridge Institute of Public Health and the Centre for Science and Policy is running a Post UN Summit Conference on NCDs which will bring this important topic back into focus. This conference, while also focusing on mental health, will carry on the work of the UN Summit, advancing critical plans for research, policy and action to prevent and care for NCDs worldwide.

During the conference, which takes place on 20 January at Clare College Cambridge, presentations will take place from world-renowned experts in NCD research, policy and practice, and outcomes will be translated into key messages and policy recommendations on the potential to alleviate the harm of these diseases, particularly in developing countries.

“This conference is a unique opportunity to inspire the Cambridge health care community to take the NCD epidemic seriously, and take action to direct future research, development, policy and practice.” – Julian Huppert, MP Cambridge

While the UN summit was a good first step, we must now ensure that the next steps guarantee NCDs stay on governments agendas before we have an even bigger problem on our hands to pass on to the next generation. We look forward to hearing the outcomes and next steps following this Post UN Summit Conference on NCDs.

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