what's the story of your food? watch nourish on PBS this fall

What's The Story Of Your Food? Watch Nourish On PBS This Fall

Wed 27 Oct 2010

Story by Seth Nickinson

As the harvest season turns into the holidays, watch an inspiring new film, Nourish: Food + Community on PBS. Perfect for youth and families, this award-winning special asks the thought-provoking question, "What's the story of your food?" Find a PBS broadcast in your area.

Hosted and narrated by Cameron Diaz, Nourish features interviews with best-selling author Michael Pollan, sustainable food advocate Anna Lappé, eco-chef Bryant Terry, pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke, and organic farmer Nigel Walker. Watch the trailer.

Nourish is also rolling out a remarkable collection of short films, including exclusive clips of Jamie. Check out Jamie playing the drums in "Food is Like Music." Watch Jamie get excited about fresh, seasonal food in "Try Something New." Sign up on the Nourish website for announcements of future releases.

The Nourish film is part of a major educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability. In the coming weeks, Nourish will announce the release of the Nourish school curriculum, developed in partnership with the Center for Ecoliteracy. Stay tuned!

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About the author: Seth Nickinson is Director of the Nourish Initiative


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