What We are Thankful For!

What We Are Thankful For!

Wed 21 Nov 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The holidays are officially upon us! The internet is alive with advice on to brine or not to brine, how to set the table, and new creative ways to interpret stuffing and mash potatoes. We are firm believers that Thanksgiving is a dream holiday for real food lovers, as what could be better than getting a group of loved ones around the table to celebrate over a home cooked meal?

What we love most about the holiday, though, is not just the food, but also the idea that a whole day is dedicated to celebrating gratitude.

Here are a few things that the Food Revolution team is thankful for:

• Ambassadors

We are constantly in awe of the amazing work that YOU, the Food Revolution Community, are doing around the world to stand up for real food! We are thankful for the continued and growing support of our spectacular voluntary ambassadors, whom amidst their busy lives find the time to share the Food Revolution message, promote food education, and grow their local community efforts as part of our global real food movement.

• School Food Standards

Every day we receive more pictures from schools serving up real food for lunch, and we are grateful for positive updates made to the school meal regulations this year (and all the hard work that went into achieving these!) and all the hard and creative work of schools, lunch staff, teachers, parents and students across the country to make school lunch a wholesome, nutritious meal. We’re also grateful for standards to come that will improve the whole school food environment, not just in the lunch room.

• Like Minded Organizations

We are thankful for all the other organisations that are also striving to make change, through improving food options, marketing, school food, and improving food education by getting the facts, pushing people, companies and other organisations to improve their products and standards and educating the public.

• Minestrone Soup

Have you tried the simple Food Revolution Minestrone Soup? We are seriously grateful for a simple weeknight warmer, jam packed with goodness to fend off colds as winter creeps up on us.

And we are thankful for each and every person standing up for real food, whether at home, at school, at work or on Main Street!

What are you thankful for this year?

Share with us on Facebook or Twitter, check out our recipes for any last minute side additions, and be sure to show us pictures of your real food feasts!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

The Food Revolution Team


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