You Helped Us Raise $1,300!

You Helped Us Raise $1,300!

Thu 13 Sep 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Back-to-School campaign raises $1,300 to help support better food education

Throughout July and August we ran a back-to-school campaign to help raise funds to support better food education through our online fundraising tool – the Food Revolution Giving Assistant.

As parents and students geared up for a new school year, using the Food Revolution Giving Assistant to purchase back-to-school essentials online, they were also supporting better food education. Whether buying books, lunchboxes, or school uniforms from Amazon, Staples, Walgreens or any of our partner retail stores, a percentage of their purchase was donated back to the Food Revolution, at no extra cost!

Thanks to everyone who made online purchases with the Food Revolution Giving Assistant during this campaign and helped us to raise over $1,300 for the Food Revolution!

Prize Winners

During this campaign we offered some great prizes to say thank you to those supporting us by downloading and using the Giving Assistant. Up for grabs were two Jamie Oliver cookbooks and the grand prize, donated by our friends at T-fal, was a 10 piece Ultimate Hard Anodized by Jamie Oliver cookware set!

We’re excited to announce that our cookbook winners were Bree Hester from Virginia and Erin Miller from Michigan! And the winner of the grand T-fal prize was Monica Leidig from Nevada!

Still need a few school items? Check out our back-to-school Pinterest board to see some great online purchases and download the Food Revolution Giving Assistant to make your purchases count.

Where The Funds Go

The funds raised through the Giving Assistant go directly to our food education projects through the work of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in the US. These include the development of hands-on training programs, key food education resources and have helped us to grow a global community and teach 1000s of people how to cook. We are developing fundraising resources and showcasing some of the key projects that have been funded so watch this space!

Supporting The Food Revolution Year Round

While our back-to-school campaign may be over, you can still support better food education for children and adults, to revolutionize the way we think about food, what we eat and instil cooking skills and food knowledge that can become commonplace in homes, schools, communities and businesses alike. Funds raised through the Food Foundation Giving Assistant go directly towards the investment in better food education.

So if you haven’t already, download the free Food Revolution Giving Assistant today!

The Food Revolution Team


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