YOUR Tips On Cooking Clever And Shopping Smart!

YOUR Tips On Cooking Clever And Shopping Smart!

Fri 27 Sep 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

This month, we're all about being thrifty, cooking clever and shopping smart!

As Jamie released his new book ‘Save with Jamie’ in the U.K., we’ve been asking what our global community’s top tips are for saving money and waste and getting clever in the kitchen. The response has been great and we’ve seen some amazing ideas and tried and tested tips come in from all over the world! We’ve also seen some great blogs on this concept, including our September blog of the month ‘frugalfeeding’.

If you have ideas and tips to share, then join the conversation online with #savewithjamie. In the meantime, here are some of our favourites from the Food Revolution Community.

Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less

Noelia Fernandez Leftovers, when it comes to meat they tend to get very dry, so i cut them in small pieces, re heat them with soy sauce to give some of moisture back, then with some veggies they are ready to go over pasta, inside tacos, over pizzas, empanadas, etc.

Terri Peterson Save the woody bottoms of all asparagus in the freezer. When you feel like you have enough, make asparagus stock, which can then go into all forms of soups and pastas and risottos.
 And keep all leftovers in the front of the fridge. Once they get pushed to the back they're forgotten about, and they become a science experiment.

Alysia Fuchs When I have roasted veggies I save part of them for the next day, puree them with some veggie broth, milk and voila! A delicious roasted veggie soup.

Sarvin Haghighi I use my left over fruits in my green smoothies. If your bananas are going black, cut them up In pieces and freeze them, once you blend them with the green leafy vegetables, water and bit of fresh ginger,you will have a refreshing energy drink!

María Virginia Portillo Decán To me, leftover meats are meant to be transformed into pasta sauces

Jaime Windrow Oh it all begins with meal planning first! Your food map Once the plan is set, each dinner cooked should have a second agenda: Either (or both if you can!) 1) You make enough for leftovers for lunch and/or 2) You freeze for another night. For example, whatever protein we cook for dinner is used on dark leafy greens for a salad the next day and the veggies are thrown in there too. One, it doesn't feel like your eating the same foods as the night before because its now a salad with different flavors, and two, it's a sure way to get at least 2-3 servings of veggies in at lunch!

Lora Krulak The Key to feeding the entire happy healthy family is one adaptable dish. (such as this ‘Convertible Broth-Based Soup').

Noelia Fernandez Make huge batchs of pesto when basil is cheap,put them in ice cube trays (recipe)

Terri Stevens ‏‪@jacobmarksmom‬ ‪@FoodRev‬ we freeze our "turning" fruit and make smoothies for a slushier drink. Saves waste and tastes better

Kiddyum ‏‪@kiddyum‬ ‪@FoodRev‬ freeze sliced oranges/lemon/lime ready to pop in a drink straight from freezer and you never have the dreaded dash to local shops!

C K ‏‪@BIG_BIG_SHOW‬‪ @FoodRev‬ blitz your left over rocket, spinach, chard, basil etc with some water and freeze in ice cubes. ‪#growyourown‬

Check out for lots of tips, ideas, videos and images from Jamie and the team and don’t forget to share your tips for being thrifty and frugal or try some of the above out and let us know on Facebook and Twitter how you get on!

The Food Revolution Team

Images: From top left - Ambassador Lora Krulack, Nick Livermore (frugalfeeding), Ambassador Noelia Fernandez, Nick Livermore (frugalfeeding), La Tavola Marche.


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