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Welcome to Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project

We're cooking up an exciting, hands-on food education programme for primary school children across the UK, enabling primary schools to bring food knowledge and cooking skills to life. We believe that by providing children with the tools they need to grow food from seed and prepare meals from scratch, we are equipping them with one of the most valuable skills for life, helping them make better food choices for themselves and others.

The project materials are designed to give teachers confidence to bring the beauty of fresh, local, seasonal food to life, inspiring children to make better choices rather than just lecturing about health. They are about guiding learning to emphasise the joy of eating well, and planting the seeds for positive eating habits that will last a lifetime.
We want everyone to roll up their sleeves, get stuck in, and work together to create something that will change current and future generations’ relationship with food. Read more about The Kitchen Garden Project

© Matt Russell

“If we can get gardens, school food and the curriculum working together, we’ve got a really potent, beautiful, inspirational catalyst for change.”

What's cooking...

Listen to Jamie sharing his inspiration behind the Kitchen Garden Project and get a taste of how it works in schools.