Jamie & Grover's Healthy Food Fiasco | #FRD2014


Jamie & Grover's Healthy Food Fiasco | #FRD2014

1st May 2014 18:00 More
The countdown to Food Revolution Day 2014 has begun! And to kick it off Jamie is joined by a very special guest in his kitchen - it's Grover from Sesame Street! Looks like he needs a hand with his fruit & veg though - good job Jamie's here to help him out.

Food Revolution Day is all about giving children the knowledge to make better food choices for life by helping them understand where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their body. To join in, get free recipes and understand what the fuss is all about go to

And for more brilliant, fun videos go to Sesame Street's own channel right here: goo.gl/dKxsjL

Jamie's even chosen his own favourite Sesame Street videos: goo.gl/OCTvlu

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Jamie's Big Message Food Rev Day 2014 | goo.gl/lZsTxz

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