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Fire up your imagination with the compact and powerful dome60 oven. It arrives at your door ready to go, and can reach temperatures of more than 450°C. At just 1 metre wide, it sits easily in a small garden or on a terrace and takes just 20 minutes to assemble. 

Even more versatile than a barbecue, it will quickly become a social hub whatever the season, as you turn out crispy pizzas, succulent roasts or slow-cooking stews for your friends. It has such good heat retention that you can cook in it for up to two hours after the fire goes out. The oven can be used in smoke controlled areas, such as London.

Unlike other wood-fired oven companies out there, our ovens are handcrafted using traditional methods and materials plus all our ovens are certified food safe.

£1,300 - including kerbside delivery, metal stand and metal door, flue with a rain cap, pizza peel and brush set, thermometer, starter pack of kindling, firelighters and logs and a bunch of recipes.

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dome60 Handbook (PDF)

Ready to go

If you want to get cooking quickly, the dome60 will arrive at your door almost ready to be lit. It takes just 20 minutes to assemble so you'll be cooking within hours


"It's more compact and affordable than most wood fired ovens out there, but still beautifully made and large enough to do all the jobs you'd expect. "


Jamie Oliver