Residential Ovens

residential ovens

Building a wood fired oven in your home is the start of a new lifestyle. It will bring your garden to life as you go out in all weathers to cook. It will help you reconnect with traditional cooking styles, add new flavours to dishes and change the way you think about food forever.

If this appeals to you, there are 2 options.

Our pre-assembled range of ovens including a 60cm and 80cm internal cooking floor will be delivered to your door " ready to go "with all you need in the box.  If however, you want to build the oven yourself, we can just deliver the kit oven and leave the construction of the housing up to you. Whichever option you choose, every oven is bespoke to you .

If you want to get cooking as quickly as possible, or you have a limited budget or amount of space, maybe our compact dome60 is for you.


Great for the garden

Classic 100 Valoriani oven finished with a simple rendered dome.


"My oven is now an asset to our home and I could not be without it. We have even had people offer to buy the house because of the oven"


Rita Younger