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Honey roast ham

DEC 30 @ 08:32

by mummza

A family favorite at Christmas time .
I simply simmer the uncooked ham in a huge pan .
The liquid I use for this is cider and as you see I add peppercorns , bayleaf , apple and onion to the liquid .
The ham is simmered till its cooked through .
Normaly I remove the string or net that the butcher had put on the ham to keep it in a good shape but this year it was not easy for me to do so I simply left it on !

When the ham has cooked through , I get it lifted out of the fluid ,( I then removed the net )and I i remove the thick skin leaving just the fat behind which I score with a knife and stud with cloves on one half only as not all the family enjoy the flavour of cloves.
i then coated it well with a mix of honey and mustard and it gets browned in the oven.
Several times during the browning process I brush over some of the melted honey and mustard that has run off the turkey and is sitting in the roasting tray.

This year I because my family were getting impatient to eat the ham it did not brown as much as usual and also I discovered that I had not managed to press the gloves into the fat as well as I should have done .
Tasted good I am told .

Cooking it like this keeps the ham very moist and juicy .

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