Camille was born in France to a family of artists, and studied art before she fell in love with bars while on a gap year in Australia. Now she now travels the world to discover new flavours, recipes and brilliant bars.


“I am the global ambassador for St Germain, Bacardi’s artisanal French liqueur. I pretty much travel around the world to work with the best bartenders and train them in how to use the product I love.”



“I was born in 1986 in Montpellier and brought up in Nimes. I left quite young and went travelling all around the world, but yes I’m French. Very French.”

Bar beginnings

“I went to an art school and I was trying to find a way to express my creativity. I come from this arty family – my dad was a dancer – but I wanted to do my own art and making cocktails was where I felt comfortable. My job is just making people happy. I do that for a living!”


“The cocktail scene is incredible, and I’m proud to be part of it. I live near broadway market in east London, where every week new bars pop up everywhere. So I have the market with all the amazing food.”

Favourite cocktail

“It’s really hard to pick! It’s like choosing between your children! It’s probably my signature drink, the St Germain cocktail which is St Germain, Prosecco and soda water, served on ice with lemon zest. So it’s really, really simple and everyone can make it, but it’s the best expression of St Germain – you get all the flavour and all the aroma without the sweetness of the liqueur. It’s a long, refreshing and elegant French aperitif.”


The Team


Rich Hunt has worked in some of the world's best bars, won Bartender of the Year three times and is regarded by his peers as one of the most enthusiastic, hard-working, creative and knowledgeable bartenders anywhere in the world.

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Joe McCanta got into bartending to fund his rock'n'roll lifestyle, but instead fell in love with flavour and went full time. He's now a bartender, drinks consultant and piano player, but still thinks he's a rockstar.

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Guiseppe was born in Italy but has travelled and lived all over the world to learn from each country’s best bartenders. He’s now considered one of the world’s best mixologists.

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As a bartender at officially the best bar in the world, the Artesian Bar in West London, Simone is known the world over for his imaginative drinks. He’s come a long way since turning up in London with a suitcase and just €2,000.

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