Joe McCanta got into bartending to fund his rock'n'roll lifestyle, but instead fell in love with flavour and went full time. He still thinks he's a rockstar though.


“Bartender, drinks consultant, piano player, “dad joke” comic and Global Ambassador for Grey Goose vodka from France, made from the finest of French wheat and the only vodka overseen every step of the way from field-to-bottle by our Maitre de Chai, François Thibault.”


“I like to say “In a cross-fire hurricane”… but it was actually Seattle, Washington”

Current hometown

“London, England. Although I spend the majority of my time on an airplane.”

Why bartending?

“I have always been absolutely fascinated with taste. My parents made us have dinner together every night – no TV – and there was always a special feeling while sharing a meal. But I actually started bartending to make ends meet while trying to fulfill my dream of being a musician in New York. I quickly realised that, rather than playing weddings and bar mitzvahs, I could bartend just a couple nights a week and play gigs I really wanted to. Only problem is, the bartending took over the music! Why wouldn’t it, you get to travel the world, serve lovely people when they’re most happy, comfort them when they’re a bit down, and work with some of the best people personality-wise you could ever dream of. It’s like being in a really large and awesome rock band all the time. In fact the saying is bartenders are just rock stars who never learned to play an instrument!”

The first cocktail I made

“A screwdriver with fresh orange juice.  I still think that drink is due for its comeback! It’s got to be absolutely freshly squeezed though.”

Favourite cocktail

“The next one! No, seriously I think there’s a different cocktail for different moods or times of day- different occasions. The best all around cocktail I think would be the Grey Goose Le Fizz  which, like Jamie says, puts Champagne to shame because its so refreshing and well balanced. I also love a Grey Goose Martini. I have mine wet with a grapefruit twist and a boozy olive.”

The Team


Rich Hunt has worked in some of the world's best bars, won Bartender of the Year three times and is regarded by his peers as one of the most enthusiastic, hard-working, creative and knowledgeable bartenders anywhere in the world.

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Guiseppe was born in Italy but has travelled and lived all over the world to learn from each country’s best bartenders. He’s now considered one of the world’s best mixologists.

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Camille was born in France to a family of artists, and studied art before she fell in love with bars while on a gap year in Australia. Now she now travels the world to discover new flavours, recipes and brilliant bars.

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As a bartender at officially the best bar in the world, the Artesian Bar in West London, Simone is known the world over for his imaginative drinks. He’s come a long way since turning up in London with a suitcase and just €2,000.

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