Seasonal vegetables: Peas

So sweet and tasty, British peas are in season from April to August. But they’re just as good frozen as fresh, so you can enjoy this seasonal vegetable all year-round.


This pea soup is so simple – just 4 key ingredients and 15 minutes simmering is all it takes. If you’re using fresh peas, Jamie explains that you can make it even tastier by boiling the pods with the stock. But the recipe works just as well with frozen.

Mushy peas are a fish-shop classic, even better when you make your own at home. Spiked with mint, then layered in the bap with crispy golden fish and tangy tartare sauce – we think it’s the peas that make these sarnies so good!

Go green with this sweet and punchy combination of seasonal vegetables: garden peas and broad beans with mint. And the best thing is, you can conjure these spring-time flavours from the freezer at any time of year.

Mashed peas add instant colour to your plate, and are a fun alternative to classic spud mash. Simply served with roasted cod and crispy pancetta – this dish is an easy family meal, but smart enough for a special dinner.

The natural sweetness of peas is a brilliant partner to earthy black pudding and fresh, delicate scallops. Combine with crispy fried mint leaves and you’re laughing!

Peas make a brilliant base for big flavours, such as chargrilled meat, chilli, herbs and salty pecorino cheese. Brought together with fresh zesty lemon, this dish is a joy!

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