Story by Camilla Speirs

Jamie Oliver will today join Minister for Health David Davis to announce the launch of Jamie’s Ministry of Food as part of the Victorian Government’s new attack on obesity – the Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise (VHEE). The Baillieu Coalition Government is partnering with The Good Foundation to set up Jamie’s Ministry of Food, a cooking and nutrition education program, in Victoria.

The Government has committed $2.87 million to establish Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Victoria, with a further $2.54 million from The Good Foundation through its partners. The Good Foundation was founded in 2010 by electrical retailer The Good Guys to focus on programs and projects that promote good health and nutrition, with the first priority program being Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia.
The location for the first Victorian Ministry of Food centre is yet to be decided however it will be in one of the 12 prevention areas in the state.

Jamie Oliver was approached by The Good Guys to bring the concept to Australia to address the rising levels of obesity and the epidemic of diet related disease the country is facing. The State is the second to partner with The Good Foundation, after the opening of the first Australian Ministry of Food Centre and Mobile Kitchen in Queensland. Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a community focused program that teaches basic cooking skills and good nutrition to non-cooks, regardless of age, demographic or ethnicity, to improve their quality of life and health. “The Ministry of Food is so simple in what it does: It’s about celebrating great food with guidance, love, care and attention. It’s for anyone over the age of 12, from any background and it really does change lives,” says Jamie Oliver

“Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a practical solution to the problems of obesity and diet-related disease and a successful response to the lack of basic food skills in today’s population. It’s about teaching people to start cooking for themselves once again and equipping them with some simple skills and knowledge”, said Alicia Peardon, Program Director for Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food inspires and empowers change in the way people eat, provide for their families and how they think about food in general. The grassroots program aims to inspire people to get back to basics in the kitchen, which ultimately will have positive long term effects on the health of Australians.

Participants throughout the State will learn Jamie’s hints, tips and shortcuts to cooking affordable, healthy and tasty meals, using fresh ingredients.

“Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Queensland has delivered remarkable outcomes for Ipswich locals, with more people tuned in to the importance of healthy eating than ever. You spend just five minutes in the centre and you can see it changing people’s lives. It really is truly empowering.” says Alicia

The Good Guys provided seed funding of $5million over five years to help kick start the initiative. The Good Foundation aims to bring on other partners to help fund the initiative.

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