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gloria liane

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sweet popcorn?

Hey Jamie (or anyone else you likes experiments),
I wonder if you know a recipe for self-made sweet popcorn, such like that you get in the cinema, if you know that  wink
I think the basic problem is the temperature, cause the sugar/caramel turns very dark and hard if the temperature is too high but the corn needs heat to pop up. Next problem is the fat, cause if you take butter, you shouldnt make it too hot. oops
I wondered if the sweet popcorn in the cinema is made in a candy floss machine? Does anyone know something bout that? crossed  yummy

Thanks for reading and maybe for answering

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Re: sweet popcorn?

The easiest way is in a popcorn machine. You get the little home ones for little money. You just add the corn, not fat, sugar or salt.

When you have the popcorn sprinkle with confectioners sugar. It sticks on the hot corn. Swish around for even coating.

If you want butter, melt the butter on low heat separately and drizzle over the popcorn. Swish around to coat evenly.

Popcorn in the cinema is made in a really big popcorn machine.

I never made popcorn in a pan, but it should be a big one with a heavy lid. I would probably use a little oil.

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Re: sweet popcorn?

We used to make popcorn on the stove top, in a lidded saucepan.
You need a large saucepan , (put it on the heat) and in the bottom of it you put a little bit of oil, I used to use sunflower oil. Into the saucepan you add some popping corn ( not too much!). Leave the lid on the pan and give the pan  an occasional shuffle about,after a short while you will start to hear the corn in the pan 'popping'. leave it on the heat untill the popping slows. Remove from heat and be a bit carefull in removing the lid.. (tip it away from you as you take it off)..because the occasional corn might still pop!!
You can dress the popcorn as you wish but most of the time my children just wanted it plain or with a little sprinkle of fine sugar over it.

If you use a little home popcorn machine, the pop corn is cooked by heat from hot air .These little machines are relativly cheap.( I think that popcorn sold in cinemas is also cooked with this method.
and as Susanne says.. you do not need put any fat in the machine at all.

Candy floss ( cotton candy) machines are different, they are open topped,  sugar is put into a little heated area in the center and the main container spins around this , spinning the heated sugar into fine strands.very fast.

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Re: sweet popcorn?

Hi, guys.

My name is Isabella and I'm from Brazil. Here homemade sweet popcorn is one of everybody's childhood favorites.

Here is how we normally do it:
- First you cook your popcorn as usual, but without the salt (we use to do it in a lidded pan, like Mummza explained, with a little bit of oil, but I prefer butter);
- Then, in another pan, you make the sauce: the most commom one is to make a sort of thin caramel, melting sugar in a little bit of water. Some people put some chocolate in it as well. You can do it any flavour you want, as long as it is a little bit sticky once the popcorn gets dry.
- Finally, you get your popcorn in a big bowl, drop in a little bit of the sauce in thin lines and mix it carefully with a spoon (it makes it easier to use a big wooden one). Then you keep on adding the sauce little by little, until you get it as sweet as you like it.
- You don't have to wait until it gets dry, just be careful not to get burned (I say it 'cause usually it's really hard to wait  mrgreen  ).

Well, I hope you like it.

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Re: sweet popcorn?

I make caramel popcorn at home...

The hardest part is getting the caramel & the popcorn at the right stage at the same time... but you can do the popcorn first... just dont wash up the saucepan you cooked it in as this makes the best mixing bowl when the caramel is ready.

What I normally do is start the sugar & water boiling, then cook the popcorn, tip the popcorn out into a bowl to stop the cooking... when the caramel is a light golden colour, I cut the soft butter (not cold from the friedge) into small bits, tip it into the caramel, then tip the popcorn back into the still warm saucepan you cooked it in, quickly pour in the caramel, stir, tip everything out onto a baking tray, then into the fridge or freezer to cool it quickly.

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Re: sweet popcorn?


what an great idea, planing a movie with popcorn as well a hot cup of coffee.
Really excellent way to enjoy. Hope you have good fun. Enjoy ...

Cotton Candy Machine San Diego

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Re: sweet popcorn?

Since Emart has brought up this thread I will give my easy wonderful recipe that is such a good thing to take to a party!

1) Cook 1/2 cup popcorn in 2 tbsp oil (no salt)
2) In a saucepan combine
125g butter
2 tbsp honey
3/4 cup sugar
Bring to the boil, simmer 5 minutes stirring continuously
3) Pour over popcorn and stir well
4) Tip popcorn on a tray so that it spreads thinly enough to crack into pieces once it has set.

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Re: sweet popcorn? … as-popcorn

This isn't caramel popcorn, but makes a wonderful sugar to sprinkle over hot popcorn. We've also used it to sprinkle over apple muffins just before putting them in the oven.    dribble  dribble

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