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Re: Keeping hens in Mallorca

Hi Again, haven't visited this site for ages.  We still don't have our hens but we will within the next week or so.  I am going to get some rescue hens from a friend, who seems over-run with them at the moment!  We had to put the chook house on hold as we had no wood and needed to get on with other projects, but now it's almost finished.  I just have to whip up the nest boxes and pick up a couple of bales of straw from another friend! It's all go here.  We will probably pick up a couple of hens from Inca market on Thursday to start us off, I've been told that they grow really beautifully and are lovely big birds and good layers - so here's hoping.  I'm so excited, it's been a long time waiting for them.
Pearson1, I live in Sa Pobla and will be getting our hen feed from the cooperativa in Campanet.  We are also hoping to get a couple of guinea fowl but I will probably pick these up from the poultry farm in Ariany.  Anyway, chickens first.
We decided to go the 'DIY build-your-own-chicken-house' route as when I looked into buying one they were all a little pricey.  I went to Can Just in Inca - they have amazing chicken houses/coops but out of our price range, so I designed one and of course it is totally different from the original design but it'll work well.
I will let you know how we get along with our new hens soon.
Soon-to-be happy hen lady - Sa Pobla
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